Are You Using Location-Based Services?

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

By Dave Sunkenberg VP Network Services, Agero As of September 2013, it is reported that 74% of smartphone users are taking advantage of location-based services.  Apps such as Foursquare, Uber and Yelp are designed to use your location to recommend places to go, find a local coffee shop, and get you a taxi. The use … Read More

Dispatch Anywhere from Beacon Software

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

“What’s messing up your day?” This is a question I ask folks who inquire about our products. Do you feel like you’re losing money? Are you spending too much time at work? Are you spending hours and hours on your billing? I’m sure many of you can relate to this. You work hard, sometimes so … Read More


January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

Using sureFleet, companies can enter all maintenance performed on their fleet, store all data, and maintain vehicle, and equipment lists. sureFleet is specifically designed to help business operations with better tracking and reporting on fleet preventative maintenance needs, repair costs, fuel purchases, and more. sureFleet provides notification when services are due, plates are expiring, state … Read More

TOPS Towing Management Software

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

TOPS towing management software is designed to manage all aspects of a tow operation from the initial tow request to the vehicle’s final disposition. The TOPS system provides a unified and sophisticated platform for call-taking, dispatching, inventory management, lien processing, and auction administration. TOPS supports single and multi-company operations, and provides individual company and roll-up … Read More

Towbook – Towing Software Made Simple

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

Towbook is 100% web-based, so you can use Towbook from any device with Internet service, including PCs, tablets and smart phones. Plus, there’s no software to install, so you’re always running the latest version. Towbook’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android make it easy to update call information, take pictures, decode VINs, send invoices to … Read More

Tracker Management Systems

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

The development of Tracker Management Systems, Inc. from day one was based on building a solution for the many needs within the office of towing companies. Providing customer support and training on how to utilize the software to maximize profits became a comer stone. Tracker has been extremely successful at achieving these goals. Tracker is … Read More

Cloud Based Technology will dominate within five years, but is it right for you NOW?

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalSoftware Spotlight

It is a year since Tow Professional reviewed the industry software market and much has changed. New towing software vendors are entering the market, providing competition for the more established software companies who have a long-standing national presence. These prominent software brands (Beacon, Tracker, and VTS Systems) have continued to add new features, and there … Read More

True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tachaq

January 25, 2014By Tow ProfessionalCompany Spotlight

The True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach is a heavy duty under lift that has the most extension, most retraction, more lift and the most lifting capacity of any lift on the market. It has a lift rating of 45,000 pounds retracted and 24,000 fully extended. It has a clear extension of 140” to the center … Read More