Jerr-Dan Twin Steer Rotator

Jerr-Dan is proud to announce the completion of the first production Twin Steer JFB Rotator at the factory in McConnellsburg, PA. The Twin Steer Rotator chassis option is now in full production with excellent customer feedback and multiple trucks on order. This could not have come at a better time in our industry as for the first time Jerr-Dan has officially obtained a Purple Permit in the State of California for the JFB Rotator. This permit allows Jerr-Dan Rotators to be legally run in the state of CA.

Jerr Dan’s 50/60 Ton Rotator platform provides versatility while optimizing the “Working Envelope”.

The Scissor Style outrigger system coupled with the torsion frame brings a superior structural stability to the Rotator market.

Jerr-Dan offers options to fit a variety of applications, including a Twin Steer chassis option, 2, 3, & 5 winch options, and 5 different under-lift configurations. Together with the body options from Composite to Incident Management JFB, owners can configure a unit to fit their application and budget without sacrificing performance.

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