Today’s Towing Industry is drastically changing. Towing contracts are becoming more and more competitive, and, as most of us know, the towing business is a very volatile business to be in. Doing the math to recognize your costs per call is only half the battle. The never-ending challenge is figuring out how to maximize your per-call profits. Purchasing more fuel-efficient trucks, investing in dispatch management software, and correctly billing for each and every task performed are great ways to increase profits. But what happens when the towing calls just aren’t coming in?

In any business when times are slow – diversification is crucial. There are numerous towing companiesacross the nation that have already taken advantage of investing in a mobile service truck and have seen the profits that can be made. And, in many instances, they have found that their mobile service trucks are the most profitable of their fleet!

There is a growing need within the trucking industry to get their trucks fixed immediately on the side of the road in order to meet demanding freight schedules. The towing company is often not their first call – it’s the mobile service provider. Large and small trucking fleets alike have seen a rise in dealership service rates but even more importantly cannot afford the indefinite down time and endless other costsincurred while their truck sits at the dealership waiting to be fixed. Along with the towing companies, the mobile service provider is becoming a much-needed asset to the trucking industry.

The addition of a service truck to your fleet can increase your bottom line in sales by allowing you to provide additional services. Sales of tires, batteries, repair parts, and retail labor sales will increase profits, which you would otherwise not see. It’s interesting to note that mobile service providers receive a fee for simply responding to the call. These service vehicles can also be utilized as mobile command centers for large recovery scenes, providing tools, equipment, and supplies needed for optimum quick clearance support.

When considering an investment in a mobile service truck, there are two essential pieces to the puzzle. First, and probably the most difficult, is finding the qualified mechanic that has the experience, know-how, and determination to get the job done. The second major piece of the puzzle is equipping the right service body with adequate resources, which puts the mechanic in the best position to get the disabledtruck up and running as efficiently and safely as possible.

Today’s service trucks are more sophisticated and organized than ever. The minivan with some jumper cables and a diesel can with minimal safety lighting and insufficient work lights is a thing of the past. New service trucks are basically a shop on wheels –power units including a welder, compressor, generator, starting unit, fuel and lube transfer systems, efficient and ergonomically friendly tool & part storage are all key elements to getting the job done as quickly as possible. The inside work areas and means for storing tires and wheels are a necessity that new bodies on the market provide.

With the right combination of mechanic, tools, and service body, the sky’s the limit. And if you can’t get the truck up and running, I’m sure you know a quality towing company that can tow the truck to its respective destination!

Zip’s Truck Equipment, Inc.