Company Background
44 trucks providing service across the Indianapolis Metro Area and surrounding states

Zores has been providing towing, metals recycling, auto parts and auto body services for more than 87 years. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company has five offices and more than 80 vehicles in their fleet, 44 of which are used for towing and metals recycling, and are equipped with the TomTom Telematics solution. The company provides local and long-distance services, covering both the metro Indianapolis area, as well as out-of-state locations.

The Challenge
New city contract significantly increases call volume

In 2011, Zores’ towing operations won a contract with City of Indianapolis Police Department (IPD), significantly increasing call volume. As part of the agreement, Zores was required to respond to any calls from the IPD within 20 minutes, or incur fines and a contract review. With this requirement in place, along with the increase in call volume, IT manager David Schroeder knew that he would have to improve the company’s GPS and telematics capabilities – and quickly!

“The contract with the police department significantly increased our volume, and came with a requirement that we be on the scene in 20 minutes or we’d be fined,” said Schroeder. “We knew that drivers weren’t always taking the best routes, and wanted to make sure that they would meet this requirement. We also needed a way to certify to the IPD that we were meeting the time requirement, should there be any questions.”

The Solution
Increased efficiency and accurate record-keeping

According to Schroeder, the decision to move to TomTom Telematics has significantly improved efficiencies, and made it easy to communicate with the IPD.

He said, “In the beginning, the police department was telling us three or four times a week that we didn’t make the 20-minute window. With TomTom WEBFLEET we were able to show them that we did – and saved ourselves quite a bit of money by not having to pay fines.”

The system also helps them meet the 20-minute requirement, even when the police don’t necessarily give them an exact location.

“Oftentimes, we can show that the original call didn’t provide the correct location, so that resets the clock for us,” said Schroeder. “We also find TomTom’s maps – which include mile markers – extremely helpful when we get a call for a vehicle that is between two exits on the highway. We can pinpoint where they are on the map and get there more quickly.”

TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET has also improved operations significantly, because WEBFLEET is integrated with Zores’ dispatch system job information and directions are sent directly to the driver in the vehicle.

According to Schroeder, “TomTom makes it simple for us to map where our drivers are going. They didn’t always use the best routes, but now, because we are sending directions directly to them, they are getting where they need to be faster and more efficiently. The savings have been significant.”

TomTom WEBFLEET has also helped Zores uncover fraud within their organization – and help drivers when they have been victims of crimes. On more than one occasion, drivers have been held up by thieves and were able to contact dispatch to let them know they were in trouble. Because they could track exactly where the vehicles were, office staff could send police to the location to stop the crime.

The Zores staff was also able to uncover a scheme where one of their drivers was using company vehicles to buy and sell vehicles after-hours. By tracking the vehicle, the Zores staff was able to uncover the crime and provide proof.

Across the company’s tow and recycling operations, TomTom Telematics has made a significant impact.

“Now that we have this system, even things like the hiring process have become easier. We no longer have to worry about whether candidates are familiar with every part of the city, as we know they will get accurate, detailed directions to every job,” said Schroeder. “And the benefits in terms of efficiency and reporting have improved our bottom line. We’re able to provide the service levels necessary for our IPD contract, and manage the increased volume and opportunity that comes along with that. The system provides unbelievable Return on Investment for us. I’d recommend it to anyone.”