Next Generation Tool Co.

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Portable Automotive DVR “Your Digital Eye-Witness” This new item is a must-have for recording what actually happens during driving incidents. Features include: HD Quality; Loop Recording and Motion Activation; Wide Viewing Area; Excellent Night Vision; Color Screen. Multi-functional as a DVR, Digital camera and Microphone; Both 12v and Battery Operated; Auto ON/OFF. Excellent for insurance, … Read More

S & J Manufacturing, Inc.

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DIG OUT CHAINS Dig Out Chains are used on trucks when you are stuck in the snow, ice, or mud. You can use them off road, in truck docks, or parking lots to gain traction effectively. Easy to install, easy to take off. ** NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE ** ** DO NOT USE HOLE WHERE … Read More

Larson Electronics

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Larson Electronics’ LEDP5W-30-TP1-50CR is a portable LED light tower that comes complete with a 150 watt LED light head, aluminum quadpod and 50’ retractable cord reel. Operators can easily stow this collapsible light tower after using it for temporary scene lighting. The LED floodlight creates a total of 14,790 lumens of bright white light that … Read More


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FlowStop has launched its newest product, a football shaped, polyurethane impregnated, wateractivated foam plug. Its revolutionary qualities will temporarily stop the flow from a leak in anything from a pipe, to a tanker, to a rail car—even a boat hull! What makes the “Football” so unique is that it starts as a pliable plug that … Read More


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Features & Benefits • Strongest latch ever designed for use on a slip hook. • Eliminates out of service equipment because of broken flip latches. • Latch is constructed of heavy gauge steel and designed to withstand adverse conditions. • Latch conveniently swivels 360 degrees. • Helps prevent accidental hooking or catching onto other objects. … Read More

AW Direct

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Ultratech Pop Up Pool® Containment Pool Item# PUP20 Containing a spill can be a difficult and messy job, which is why Ultratech designed the Pop Up Pool® Containment Pool. A patented foam ring runs through the lip of the pool, allowing it to rise along with the level of the spilling liquid. Simply shake out … Read More

NCR Warning & Violation Stickers

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When having a duplicate of your warning is necessary, try our NCR (No Carbon Required) Stickers that utilize the liner of the label as your copy. Our warning stickers are made from the strongest adhesive on the market. You can choose from several of our fluorescent colors or any color of your choice. NUMBER 2: … Read More


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Inexpensive to buy Inexpensive to operate Simple to install Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER owners report paying for the equipment in 6 months. The FIFTHWHEELER keeps operating costs down with low insurance costs, lighter weight for less fuel consumed and less tire wear. Buyer-friendly finance terms make it possible to make profit, not big payments. The FIFTHWHEELER arrives … Read More


March 3, 2015By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

3-in-1 LED flare/flashlight/work light kit (TMPRO-3-1 LED flare kit pictured above) The TMPRO-3-1 is a sturdy US Manufactured rechargeable emergency light system. Replace chemical flares with the LED flare function, illuminate a work area with its LED work light, or utilize its ultra-bright LED flash light for increased visibility. The units’ battery life can reach … Read More