Don’t Get Clogged Up – Diesel Particulate Filter

December 15, 2013By Tow ProfessionalTow Tips

In real world work applications, repeated short drive times at less than highway speeds are very common. Also, trucks are increasingly used as machines requiring long idle and extended use in PTO (Power Take Off) Mode. Both scenarios prevent a truck from properly going into its regen cycle which is supposed to clean the DPF … Read More

Care and Feed of Your Winch

January 15, 2012By Tow ProfessionalTow Tips

By Richard Farrell Winches are generally one of the most used and abused tools that towers have. Over the years, I have seen some amazing things done to winches and cables. Some left my mechanics wondering how these were done. Some types of winches will take abuse better than others, but all need care and … Read More