The Winter Season is Coming—Are You Ready?

By Paul Ederer, Technical Support for AW Direct Cold, ice and snow create problems for all of us, but when your business is counted on to bring people to safety, being fully prepared is the only way you can be on the road when it counts. Fall is the time to really get everything in … Read More

Then Along Came Poly!

I don’t think there is a stronger case for today’s existence of manufacturing in America than the towing industry. North American manufacturing would be broken down without the presence of the towing industry constantly changing for the better with new technology and products. Oh, but those of you will say we evolved from the European … Read More

Diversify with Mobile Service and Increase Your Bottom Line

Today’s Towing Industry is drastically changing. Towing contracts are becoming more and more competitive, and, as most of us know, the towing business is a very volatile business to be in. Doing the math to recognize your costs per call is only half the battle. The never-ending challenge is figuring out how to maximize your … Read More

Reacting to Problems

Reacting to Problems By Dan Messina I’m sure that if you were watching the news for the past month or so, it was nothing but Ray Rice and how he abused his wife and what a problem it created for the NFL. Everyone got involved, and everyone offered their opinion. I watched different talk shows … Read More

Picture, Prayerize, Materialize

Picture, Prayerize, Materialize By D.J. Harrington, CSP Consider this phrase: “Picturize, Prayerize, Materialize.” Sometimes what you see and hope to get will materialize.It will happen and won’t be just a dream. The phrase “Picturize, Prayerize, Materialize” reminds me of something that I really wanted years ago. At the time, I was speaking at a convention … Read More