Your Business in 2015

As an owner of the business it’s up to you to stay in tune with all the changes taking place in the industry. It’s hard for you to do it all and that’s why I encourage all tow companies to join their state towing association. I know you may not like them based on past … Read More

How to stop working harder – Make your business work for you

Towing is extremely rewarding, but not without its challenges. As I talk to business owners across the country I hear them express their concerns. Consistently I hear that Towing Operators are… Upset by increased truck and maintenance costs. Fed up with motor clubs squeezing profits out of tow operators’ hands. Frustrated with increased competition stealing … Read More

Winch Lines- The Heart of the Pull

By Paul Ederer, Technical Support-AWDirect Wire winch lines are the heart of our recovery operations. A damaged line is a serious safety issue and a broken one removes a recovery vehicle from service. Unfortunately, winch lines are often misunderstood. In this article I will cover the basics of winch lines (commonly called wire ropes). I … Read More

Why People Don’t Set Goals

Only five percent of all people have goals and only one percent writes them down. Why don’t the other 95 percent do the things they know they should to be successful? Are they afraid? Lazy and have no follow-through? This month’s article reviews the factors that hold us back. “Successful people are successful because they’re … Read More