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Tiger Tool 10102 – Heavy Duty U Joint Puller

Engineered for use with up to a 1-inch impact wrench, this tool provides the ultimate “brute strength” to disassemble the most severely seized driveshaft yokes. When it’s time to disassemble one that’s seized, it requires up to 25,000 lbs of force. You don’t want to be without this heavy-duty one-piece tool! For further information contact […]

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4th Wheel Loader

Steck Manufacturing Company has released another winning tool: Ability for Tow Truck drivers to safely load and secure a vehicle with broken ball joints, lost wheels, locked wheels or brakes, collision damage and control arm failures on their roll back wreckers. Also will allow mechanics and body technicians to steer the vehicle into the shop […]

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Tie Rod Coupler – Upgraded Material

Steck Manufacturing Company has upgraded the Tie Rod Coupler (P/N 71470) which allows Tow Truck Drivers and lot drivers the ability to temporarily steer a damaged vehicle that suffered a broken tie rod as part of the collision damage. Now made from tough T6 grade Aluminum coupler with dual I-bolt set screws provide a quick […]

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Steck 4th Wheel Loader

Safely load and secure a vehicle that has a broken ball joint.The 4th Wheel Loader handles wheel failures, such as locked brakes or broken tie rods. Once the wheel is placed in the recessed pocket, chain the wheel assembly to the locking slots on your loader’s platform. Lightweight and compact for easy storage. Tough 24″ […]

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