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HERD NORTH AMERICA – Front End Collision Protection

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With collision rates as high as 1-in-41* drivers in certain parts of the U.S., the costs of repairs, downtime, lost contracts and increasing insurance costs, front-end protection is top of mind for all truck drivers. When it comes to front-end collision protection, Herd provides the #1 solution.

Herd North America specializes in manufacturing vehicle protection guards for
commercial transport trucks and working–class pickup trucks. Their engineering team designs each model and application in-house to ensure that every Herd meets their high standards of Protection Performance and Appearance.

“There are two primary reasons that customers choose Herd,” says Leroy Peters, Marketing Manager for Herd. “Performance and Appearance.” Customers range from owner operators to small and medium size fleets. Regardless of the type of transport (oil field construction and logging to national carriers), they all depend on Herd to protect them from collision-related downtime and peace of mind for the driver.

Herd’s website has testimonial after testimonial from drivers like Geoff Little, who writes, “I recently hit a young bull moose near Savant Lake, Ontario, Canada. It was a 50 mph impact, hitting the moose with the left corner of the HERD bumper. The truck sustained no damage and the HERD bumper did not bend or crack-NO DAMAGE! I will never own another truck without a HERD bumper on its nose!”

Extruded from high quality 6061 aluminum, Herd bumpers are fully integrated and replace your factory bumper to provide complete front-end protection. They also mount directly to the frame of your truck using a steel section with exclusive impact plates that extend toward the outer edges of the bumper – the result is unparalleled protection in the event of an off-center impact.

Standard features include: Boxed-in uprights, 3” tubes or bigger, steel impact plates, signal lights and Herd’s proprietary mirror finish.

Firmly established as the industry leader, Herd is the only manufacturer who offers a full range of products from economical Defender-style to the Ultra-Premium Big Tex and Super Road Train. All of which are hand-made on a configure-to-order basis.

Visit for full range of products and driver testimonials or call toll-free 1-888-543-4373.
(*source: 2013 State Farm Mutual Insurance Company)

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Since 2009, Recovery Billing Unlimited, Inc. (RBU) has been hosting their Advanced Business
Management Seminars with a flawless feedback record. While other training institutions teach
you how to tow and perform recoveries the proper way, RBU teaches you how to be more
profitable using the techniques you’ve acquired by having the ability to bill for your services
rendered and ultimately obtain payment. No matter if your company is a one-truck operation, or
if your company has multiple locations and five rotators, this seminar will benefit you!

With nearly 500 towing and recovery outfits throughout the United States and Canada attending
since 2009, their name, image, and what they stand for is growing within the industry at a
tremendous pace. They are an organization dedicated to teaching fellow towers how to become
more profitable at what they do in the course of their daily business operations. In addition to
profitability, safety, training, and proper certification are key components discussed within the
seminar. RBU teaches:

  • Building the proper tow and recovery business from the ground up;
  • Training employees so they project a more professional image;
  • Remediation of the accident scene to free you from future liability;
  • Proper way of writing an acceptable recovery invoice;
  • Billing on liability insurance coverage only;
  • State and Federal Laws; and
  • Obtaining payment for proper billing procedures.

In addition to Bob and Eric Fouquette from Big Wheel Towing & Recovery as the main instructors of the seminar, they have numerous guest speakers on hand, including Attorneys, Insurance Executives, OSHA Instructors, and even the occasional past seminar attendee that shares their experiences since they’ve taken the course.

Rumors about the course being designed to “scam” insurance companies could not be any further from the truth. In fact, the seminars teach towing and recovery companies to work with insurance companies to get them to better understand the process that went into creating the invoice set in front of them. By having an invoice complete with a detailed narrative, itemized pricing, breakdown of all equipment, and a full set of pictures, there are no unanswered questions. RBU’s main objective with hosting these seminars is to strengthen the towing and recovery industry.

The initial cost of attendance may seem a bit daunting to some companies; however, the benefits outweigh the cost tremendously. Included along with the tuition fee comes two free refresher classes for the same people from each company that attended the first paid seminar. Also, RBU stands behind each and every attendee by being on call 24/7 to answer any and all questions that may arise at a later date. As mentioned earlier, hundreds of companies have attended the seminar, and the overall consensus is 100% positive feedback.

With that being said, visit them at Booth #405 at the American Towman Exposition being hosted this year in Baltimore, Maryland. They are also hosting one of their seminars right at the American Towman Exposition on November 22 and 23, 2014, from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. on both days. If you wish to sign up for that seminar, please contact American Towman directly. Otherwise, their next seminar will be hosted at their Massachusetts facility on January 17, 2015. Please feel free to contact Linda for more details and how to sign up at 508-763-5474.


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