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The After-Market Underreach Giant Still Committed to Customers Making Profit Not Payments
1983, about the time when Seattle was the epicenter of everything cutting-edge, from music to computers to $2.00 coffee (remember when it was only $2.00?!) – another Seattle “rocket” was launching. An entrepreneur took a huge gamble and launched a company that manufactured add-on wheel and frame lifts. Not only did Ed Zackovich have to explain what a Zacklift was, he had to explain what a “wheel-lift” was. Slings were king, and no one was ready to give up something that had been paying the bills for decades. It could all be connected to the gas crunch of the late 70s. Cars had begun getting lighter and much more difficult to tow. The sling was now the source of damage to Pintos, 240Zs, and Cobras. Europe was way ahead of the U.S., as light, small economical cars have always been the only way to travel the highways and byways of Europe. Zackovich made a serious study of how European manufacturers were meeting the challenge of bumpers and airfoils that were evolving into plastic and what seemed like lighter-than-air metals. The part of the puzzle that still had to be solved was how to engineer what the world needed as a retrofit, and not as a complete tow truck. Zackovich believed that what a tower really needed was not big payments on a new truck, but an underlift for a truck that he had already paid for, that was insured, painted, and making a profit.

Enter the first retrofit wheel frame lifts that the U.S. had ever seen. Back then, the biggest load a Zacklift could lift was 6,500 pounds. Compare that to today’s Zacklift Z403 with a rating of 40,000 pounds and a reach of 147”. One thing Zacklift never could have predicted was that semi-trucks would evolve into being as difficult to tow as those small cars. The first heavy duty Zacklifts started taking off more than 20 years ago. Zacklift had gained a reputation for building powerful tools that got the job done. The excellent reputation wasn’t luck. The company and every employee was, and is, focused on building a product that exceeds every customer’s expectation for quality. They have listened to what their customers have been saying for 30 years. Zacklift has responded with innovation, increased ratings, and necessary accessories.

The innovation that yet again was to reshape the face of the towing industry was the Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER. The same Zacklift that could lift and tow anything that was rolling down the highway could now mount and dismount just like a semi-trailer, leaving the towing truck free to pack trailers, flat beds. Always thinking about how their customers can maximize profit, the FITHWHEELER can take a truck that may not be seeing too much action transporting trailers, and that truck can now work day and night as the company’s short and long distance transporter.
Zacklift offers 5 choices in ratings and reaches, from 18,000 pounds to the supersized 40,000 lb Z403. Unique to Zacklift is the ability to take any model underreach in the lineup and put it together with either the permanent mounting hardware or outfit is as a removable FIFTHWHEELER. The Zacklift is the same in either application, only the mounting hardware differs. All are complete with 5 sets of frame forks, two pairs of fork receivers, a self-contained power system, or the valving foran existing PTO and pump, AND a corded remote control. The FIFTHWHEELER is always ready for the road with all the hydraulics, electrical and mechanical connections factory pre-engineered. Everything that can be done is done for the customer so that he really can hit the road running. With the economically priced FIFTHWHEELER, Zacklift again proves its commitment to customers making profit not payments.

Since the first Zacklift add-on wheel/frame lift made its mark on the towing industry, the company is still leading the way to helping put money in the pockets of three decades of super satisfied customers.

To find out more about Zacklifts from 18,000 to 40,000 pounds, permanently mounted or the removable FIFTHWHEELER, call toll free 844-ZACKLIFT, or click

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The True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach

photo 2 copy

The True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach is a heavy duty under lift that has the most extension, most retraction, more tilt and the most lifting capacity of any lift on the market. It has a lift rating of 45,000 pounds retracted and 24,000 fully extended. It has a clear extension of 140″ to the center of the axle forks and nearly 160″ to the center of the Heavy Duty Wheel forks when used. The unit will tilt the full rated load in the given positions.

We use 16 nylon wear pads in the boom section, using the nylon pads both top and bottom of the sections. The main unit rolls up and down the mount on large 6 inch diameter rollers. The rollers give no friction in the up and down movement, so heavy loads can be lifted with no friction loss. The boom sections are made of 100,000 pound steel. This allows us to keep the boom height profile very short. Also, the nylon pads are set into pockets milled into the boom sections, allowing us to only have only 1/4″ clearance between boom sections. This allows us to keep the overall boom height section very low to accommodate aerodynamics and low profile bumpers.

The hydraulic hoses are all “hidden” in the unit, encased in a nylon tracking chain to keep them in place free from wear and tear. Our crossbar is made of a one piece solid steel casting made of 100,000 pound steel. The tongue it rotates in is also one piece cast steel (100,000 pound steel).

We use spring steel “Connex” bushings throughout the unit, in every place there is a heavy weldment or forging. We use 2 1/2″ pins throughout the unit and a 3″ pivot pin on the crossbar. We use a wide stance on our mount and pins, especially the hinge pin so the unit can handle the huge stresses that are induced especially while backing towed vehicles around corners into tight quarters. In that situation, large stresses are transmitted to the hinge and mount sections of the lift unit.

We have standard wireless radio built into the unit. The radio is a standard feature with a 6 function controller that will control the lift for up-down; in–out; and tilt up–tilt down operation.

We can attach a winch to the gooseneck. We utilize a 750 Holmes boom head attached to the top of the vertical boom. The main unit can be used as a stiff leg during winching operations. We can include a 10 function radio to also operate the winch with the radio control, operating the in and out on the winch and incorporating an air valve with the radio to operate the freespool on the winch. This is an optional option.

The unit is shipped as either an electric/hydraulic or with a valve pac to be powered by the trucks PTO system. The electric/hydraulic is a self-contained unit utilizing two electric pumps for increased volume and speed of the hydraulics. There is also a fail-safe built in so that if one motor fails, the other will continue to function the unit. This unit is provided with battery cable to hook into your trucks battery for the power source.

The valve pac system incorporates a valve manifold that will attach to a truck’s PTO pump system. It has a built-in flow regulator to adjust the volume of the oil going to the lift unit. The manifold has an open port to attach an additional valveto operate a winch. The winch valve port is unrestricted, so the winch can be operated at the full capacity of the pump even though the lift unit is restricted.

Our unit pricing includes either an electric/hydraulic pump or a valve pac to tie into your truck’s PTO pump; the 6 function wireless radio control plus a 25’ hard wired remote control; 4 sets of axle frame forks; the parking stands; and all necessary hardware to mount to a road tractor. As options, we have available the heavy duty wheel fork set. Also offered is a boom head, or a winch mount is available if you want to attach a winch to the unit. We have the hydraulic valve and air valve kits available for the winch with the 10 function radio.

The units are shipped with the gooseneck unattached to the main mount bracket. The entire lift is assembled. The pump or valve and radio are mounted in the gooseneck. The customer will only have to mount the gooseneck to the mount bracket and install 6 hydraulic hoses between the pump valves and lift unit once the unit arrives.

Please check out our website at Be sure to look at the pictures in our photo gallery.

Jamie Jacobsma
Business Development Manager

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T & L Lift Equipment

lift & tow tp 2
T & L Lift Equipment is a proud distributor of Lift & Tow hidden wheel lift systems. These wheel lifts are some of the most versatile units on the market. They can be installed completely underneath the truck, leaving the bed fully intact. All of our wheel lifts come with a 12 volt pump and run off of the truck’s battery. There is no need to add expensive PTO or clutch pump systems. With our units, you do not lose any functionality of the truck. You have full use of the bed and can even add a fifth wheel of gooseneck hitch. We even have a built-in class 3 receiver hitch on every model.

While these style lifts are primarily thought of for the repossession industry, many others can benefit from them. Towing companies are now using them for quick easy tows to help save fuel and wear on their larger trucks. They also make great chase trucks. Owners can also benefit by having one on their personal truck. No more going back to the shop to get a work truck for that last-minute call.
lift & tow tp 1
Our lifts can be installed on most ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks, and with three models to choose from, we have a lift that can fit anyone’s need. Our economy 3-Series features a manual extension boom with hydraulic lift and removable L-arms. The 5-Series adds a powered boom to also give you hydraulic extension and retraction. Our flagship model is the Z-Series. It is a full power self-loading wheel lift with fully retractable arms and a wireless remote. With our unique patented arm design, all you have to do is push the button. You can back up and pick it up without getting out of the cab. All three models have a 3500 lb. lift capacity and a 7500 lb. towing capacity and come complete with mounting hardware for easy installation.

Wesley Lowe

T & L Lift Equipment LLC


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Pan Pillow

PAN PILLOW tilt level pass
Less than the cost of your cheapest oil pan damage claim, the ONE and ONLY Pan Pillow will virtually eliminate oil pan damage from your operation. On the market since January 2006, the Pan Pillow has been used by thousands of tow operators who agree that the Pan Pillow is a “Must Have” tool when towing front wheel drive vehicles with a light or medium duty wheel lift system. No more wheel blocking to short shoe or risk. Minute to install, minute to remove. Money back guarantee. Nothing to lose, many things to gain. For more info, visit

Pillow Protection

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The Tru-Hitch™ heavy-duty under lift towing device

Tru Randy sewell flush-by 004

The Tru-Hitch™ heavy-duty under lift towing device properly utilizes the fifth wheel coupling as the pivotal connection between the pulling tractor and the truck in tow. What makes the Tru-Hitch™ unique is that it imposes a downward load and pivots on the towing tractor at the fifth wheel, rather than behind the tractor.

The truck in tow essentially becomes a “semi-trailer.” The weight of the disabled vehicle is distributed among all axles of the towing tractor. The front axle of the towing tractor actually gains weight as the vehicle is lifted! This makes the Tru-Hitch™ system by far the safest heavy duty towing device in the transportation industry.

The Tru-Hitch™ can be attached to or detached from any tractor in less than two minutes, much like a tractor is coupled to a trailer. The system safely lifts at the axle or frame. A rigid coupling is completed by securing the truck in tow to the Tru-Hitch™ booms.

Other towing equipment can result in misapplied unsafe loads, but not the Tru-Hitch™.

  • No permanent connections to your tractor. Connect or disconnect in minutes, no tools required.
  • No wheelbase modifications needed to use a Tru-Hitch. Standard tractors including single axle setups will work with a Tru-Hitch.
  • Comes ready to work complete with a full set of accessories including, chains, binders, blocking, lighting, etc.
  • Use with self-contained electric hydraulics or connect to your trucks’ PTO.
  • 32K lifting capacity and a total 140K Gross Combined Weight Rating. Safely tows the toughest loads.
  • 13 Month Warranty from new.
  • Scales loads when others cannot.
  • Manufactured in the USA at our Connecticut shop for 25 Years.
  • US Military tested and approved.

Tru Hitch

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Lift and Tow

2012-10-02 11.57.58
Lift and Tow is a company that has been in the Towing and Recovery market for more than 17 years. Company President & Owner Cal Roth stated that safety is the upmost importance and a lot of thought went into making his line of lifts for his towers.

The Z-series is their top-of-the-line lift. What’s so special about the lift and tow system? It is the fastest and most efficient way to get any tow job done. You can literally pick up a car in 36 seconds, and be on your way. Besides its speed and efficiency, the system can be installed on a large variety of vehicles, and is hardly noticeable, so there is no need to purchase a separate tow truck or rollback; just install it right onto your work truck.

The Z-series has upgraded double wall construction. The power boom is equipped with 6 function hydraulics and a wireless remote. It allows you to power up or down while extending or retracting. When retracted, however, the T-bar extends past the bumper 4-10” (depending on your truck model). This unit is fully self -loading and has in-cab controls. Once in place, just lift and go! Unit comes with straps and wireless remote.

Frank Palange of V&F Towing stated, “I did a lot of research when I was in the market because I had a unique install and the only company that took the time to help was Lift and Tow. Cal was great and took the time to help me out. The install was on a 2004 F-350 dump truck (as you can see in the pictures). Without getting into a long testimonial, I can tell you I have used this wheel lift for several things along with its original purpose. I made brackets that hold my leaf loader for fall cleanup. I use it to help lift large logs so I can winch them up into my truck for sawmilling and made a reinforced ball mount to haul my Back Hoe. I loved the lift and the company has been great. I am completely satisfied with my new Z series lift from Lift and Tow.”

For more information on the 3, 5, and Z-Series lifts, give the team a call at Lift and Tow!!

Lift and Tow



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Dynamic 755 Series

Dynamic 755 Series
8,000 lb. Capacity
Dynamic is now offering the 755 Series. The 755 offers a very capable 5,500 lb fully extended self-loading wheel lift that can be outfitted with frame forks and is tow rated at 8,000 lbs. The 755 is also equipped with a 60” one piece steel body and a self-centering cross bar. With 8,000 lb planetary winches, let’s see the other guys match that! The 755 also comes with a standard 4 year warranty.

Standard Equipment

  • 5,500 lb. Self-Loading Wheel Lift
  • 8,000 lb. Tow Rating
  • 25 Degree Negative & Positive Tilt
  • Recovery Boom at Boom Head Swivel 10,000 lbs
  • 8,000 lb. Planetary Winch
  • Recovery Boom
  • 80″ Wheel Lift Reach
  • 60″ One Piece Steel Body
  • Lightning Body
  • 2 Large Top Loading Compartments
  • Self Centering Cross Bar
  • Wheel Spacers

Dynamic Towing is the only Manufacturer to offer a full line of products catering to the Repossession Industry. From Slide In units with Wheel Lift ratings up to 5,000lbs to the Original Dynamic Self Loading 601 and 701 units that have long been the Industry Standard that others have strived to match. With recent innovations with the Dynamic Fusion and Dynamic 755 with 5500lb Wheel Lift Rating’s and 25 degree negative tilt to the all-new Dynamic SV-100 Service Body Dynamic continues to lead the way catering to the needs of the Repossession Industry!

Dynamic Towing Equipment & MFG

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Direct Equipment Supply

Model 20 fifth wheel wrecker closeupThe New Model 20 5th Wheel Towing Boom converts any standard fifthwheel road tractor for towing service at a moment’s notice. With 25,000lbs of lifting capacity and 50,000lbs of pulling capacity, this super duty wrecker unit is more than twice as powerful as our Model 10. Featuring a massive 12″ X 12″ boom, this super sturdy unit easily pulls the larger vehicles such as dump trucks, drilling rigs, concrete mixers and large buses. Perfect for salvage operations turning scrap into gold or recovery for fleets with larger equipment. Also makes a great addition to any heavy duty wrecker service fleet. The Model 20 Deluxe comes electric/hydraulic/remote control with an onboard built in battery system and the Backstop™.

Features and Benefits
* Galvanized Finish will not rust
* Massive 1800lb Indestructible Steel Frame
* Hand Held Remote Control Included
* Hidden Motor Compartment protects motor from damage
* Safe stable towing with no side to side swaying.
* Air Brake Safety Assembly Included provides brakes to towed vehicle

Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes. Included angle iron is inserted into precut slots for forklift installation, or you can use the heavy duty center mounted D ring for lifting with an overhead hoist.

Direct Equipment Supply
Heavy Duty Truck Service Equipment
Serving Industry World Wide

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Detroit Wrecker Sales

lil herc 7
Detroit Wrecker Sales has been supplying the Towing & Recovery industry with the finest equipment, expertise, and service for over 30 years. Detroit Wrecker has revolutionized the industry with two extremely innovative towing products: the “Low Loader” and “Lil Hercules Herc-0-matic Self Loader.” All of Detroit Wrecker’s products are designed with quality, craftsmanship, and longevity at higher standards than all the competition.

The Low Loader is probably one of the most innovative pieces of towing equipment on the market. Detroit Wrecker proudly manufactures one of the coolest, strongest, and easy to maintain flatbed tow trucks on the market. With revolutionary features like a 3.5 tilt angle, a 20,000 lb. deck capacity, stationary pylon with integrated hydraulic tank, winch hose pulley system, easy to access bed wear pads, one piece control handles, bed lock free design, and lifetime warranty on pins & bushings, what more could a modern day tower ask for?

The Lil Hercules Herc-0-matic Self Loader has “Detroit Wrecker Built Tough” written all over it. Weighing less than 1,000 lbs., this unit has a towing capacity of 7,500 lbs. We offer our own frame reinforcement package as well as wireless controls and lifetime warranty on all pins and bushings. Check out our Detroit Wrecker Sales YouTube page for videos on our products.

Detroit Wrecker proudly represents our dealer network, as well. We offer a full line of replacement parts and new equipment from all major towing and recovery brands, such as Dynamic, Ramsey, Jerr Dan, All- Grip, and nearly 30 others. DWS proudly offers the largest selection as well as extremely competitive pricing. Same day shipping and the most knowledgeable staff anywhere. Call us and ask for Curtis; he will guaranteed be able to find any part for any brand towing equipment manufactured in the past 40 years! We also have a dealer relationship with ICOM, selling the only propane hybrid system on the market applicable to wreckers, flatbeds, and traditional pickups that automatically switches back to gasoline once the propane is consumed.

Detroit Wrecker has a full custom machining shop to meet the needs of any customer request. We specialize in all types of cylinder rebuilds, from towing equipment to any type of heavy duty application. We have experts working here every day with the goal of servicing YOU as quickly and efficiently as possible at a fair price. Whether it is just a minor repair or a complete rebuild, DWS will always give you the finest in customer care. Our quality is second to none. Have a problem with your equipment? Call us. Need a part for any brand of towing equipment? Call us. Have a custom project you want to do with your equipment? Call us. Detroit Wrecker is always ready to answer your questions, advise and ship outany part you may need, or build the equipment of your dreams.

Check out our web site, You won’t find a more complete parts inventory anywhere. From our exclusive LOW LOADER rollback to the smallest parts, we got you covered. You will become a customer for life. We earn your business everyday, with every phone call. One call or stop toDWS is all it takes; you will be glad you did. Complete units in stock and ready to install or ship. We want to be your #1 wrecker connection!

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