Towing is extremely rewarding, but not without its challenges. As I talk to business owners across the country I hear them express their concerns. Consistently I hear that Towing Operators are…
Upset by increased truck and maintenance costs.

  • Fed up with motor clubs squeezing profits out of tow operators’ hands.
  • Frustrated with increased competition stealing valuable work.
  • Disappointed by a flat economy.
  • Angry at local and state regulations that are costing profits and customers.
  • Tired of 2:00 am phone calls in bad weather.

Can you relate?

These real challenges are often compounded by already overwhelming day to day tasks required to keep a successful business operating such as the following:

  • Trucks breaking down / maintenance
  • Employee management
  • Customer challenges / issues
  • Ordinances and regulations
  • Taxes
  • Financial analysis and accounting
  • Marketing and sales

For a business owner to continue to be successful in this changing landscape, he needs a plan to respond to industry pressures while juggling day-to-day responsibilities. This plan needs to include a path to gain valuable margin in the business owner’s life.

Margin is one of the owners greatest assets to helping the business grow. Margin is the space betweenour load and our limits. It is the amount allowed beyond that which is needed. It is something held in reserve for contingencies or unanticipated situations. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating.

You need this margin in order to strategically navigate the industry pressures that are robbing you ofprofits, opportunities, and energy.

How do you gain this valuable margin?

Those that create this margin approach their business with a fundamental difference than those that don’t. They make their business work for them as opposed to being one who is daily worked by their business.

Those who are “worked by their business” are often characterized by active income streams.

An active income stream is what you get when someone hires you to do a job. You do the work; you get paid. But only once. In other words, the income is non-recurring.

When a business only has active income streams, the owner can easily fall into the “work harder” trap. This business owner can only become more profitable if he works harder. This person will always be limited by their natural limitations of time, talent, and energy.

The business owner that makes his business work for him is often characterized by passive income streams. Passive income is what happens when customers pay you over and over again for the same work—work you only did once. In other words, it is recurring.

When a business owner ads passive income to his business, he is able to grow beyond his limitations. If the owner doesn’t work, he still continues to get paid off of work previously completed. When he doeswork, he is simply adding to the passive income already generated.

There are many ways to add passive income streams to your existing operation. One option in particularis making waves in the towing industry. Snappy Box Moving and Storage has developed a program that allows Towing Operators to add portable storage to their existing operation.

Portable storage is a $3 billion industry that compliments towing by utilizing a tow operator’s existing resources. The portable storage industry is barely 15 years old and growing rapidly. Portable storage was created to provide a more convenient option for customers needing self-storage. The portable container is brought to the customer’s home or business where they pack it up. Once packed, it can bestored at the customer’s property or brought back to a portable storage company’s secure outdoor storage lot or warehouse.

The towing operator benefits by generating active income from the transportation of the storage unit while also generating passive income from the rent of the portable storage unit. On average, the container will rent for $175.00 per month. That works out to be around $1,200 per customer when you factor both rent and delivery fees. That same container rented for a year could produce $2,400! Multiply this by 50, 100, or 200 container and towing operators can generate significant profit.

Portable storage units are extremely durable, typically have a 30 year life cycle, waterproof, secure, can carry up to 10,000 lbs and withstand winds up to 120 mile per hour. They are commonly 8’x16’ and 8’x19’ feet in length. These containers are uniquely designed for the towing industry and have four wheels that allow the container to roll on and off your truck without damaging the bed.

With positive growth yearly for 11 straight years, Snappy Box knows how to help you generate passive income through renting containers. With your towing experience, you know how to tow containers. Working together with your experience, Snappy Box rents the containers while you focus on transportation.

Snappy Box is here to help you use your existing resources to safely and slowly build passive income on top of what you already do well – towing – whether towing a car or a container. Some of the features Snappy Box provides is a sales-focused call center, online lead generation, marketing plan, billing/collections system, dispatching, social media campaigns, website with quote system, landing page, and operational software.

Now is the absolute BEST time to add passive income to your business through Portable Self Storage. Most families try to move when their kids are out of school. Late spring and summer have traditionally been considered “moving season” – the time when most people try to schedule moves from one house to another or schedule major home renovations. It takes 3-4 months to get containers delivered, so now is the best time to order to make sure they arrive before “moving season”.

If you are tired of being worked by your business and ready to make your business work for you by adding passive streams of income to your operation, then Snappy Box Moving and Storage may be a great solution for you. Talk to a Snappy Box representative about how portable storage can be a helpful way to diversify intelligently.

To find out more about their services, check them out at or call 888-363-2720.