Safety Vision’s innovative mobile surveillance solutions provide safety and security for wreckers and recovery vehicles that make drivers’ everyday life on the job easier and more efficient. Drivers can operate confidently with Safety Vision’s superior recorders, monitors, interior and exterior cameras. These easy-to-manage mobile solutions help significantly reduce the risks of unforeseen incidents while towing and recovering vehicles. Eliminate blind spots and navigate through traffic safely by relying on high definition views of the vehicle’s surroundings at all times. Safety Vision’s suite of affordable collision-avoidance products are an investment for the future as the cost of a camera system continues to pay for itself long after the one-time purchase. Because tow truck drivers are often one of the first people to arrive on-site of an accident, it is crucial they can reach their destination in the timeliest manner and document the chain of events while there. The towing industry has been around since the early 1900s, but luckily modern developments in mobile video technology have made it easier than ever to enhance safety and protect drivers against collisions, bad weather, false claims, and lawsuits. Safety Vision has been enhancing vehicular safety and security through our advanced line of multi-camera video systems for over 25 years. After decades of servicing the tow and recovery industry, we understand the issues and challenges at hand and have created equipment specifically tailored to those needs.

Our budget-friendly Observer 4000 HVR was created with smaller tow companies in mind because we believe safety shouldn’t be a luxury. Record, store, and easily manage video on the 4000 HVR, our most compact recorder for seamless installation inside the cab. Along with safety benefits on the road, these solutions provide security on-site against false claims and liability with built-in microphones for audio recording synchronized to video. Safety Vision’s exterior cameras are strategically placed to ensure 360- degree coverage around the vehicle, which is not only useful for navigation, but also for capturing any events on the scene.

For additional security, utilize the lightweight Safety Vision Body Camera while operating to record first-hand customer encounters with crystal clear audio. Additionally, all danger zones are covered by SV’s exterior camera’s wide field-of-view, and video footage from both the body camera and vehicle cameras can be easily accessed and handed over to law enforcement for quick action and resolution in the case of an emergency. Save ROI, fight false claims, and protect your drivers and business with video documentation of all customer interactions, verbal agreements, damages or conditions, as well as proof of job completion.

Our products are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions and are built to endure shocks and vibrations, so the equipment’s consistency is never compromised by the conditions you are driving in. With Safety Vision’s complete solution, drivers can rest assured they are receiving total-coverage in and around the vehicle day or night.

Safety Vision’s experienced sales team and highly trained installers are there to provide assistance every step of the way from purchase to install to operation. Collectively, our company takes great pride in our work and ensuring the costumer’s needs are met at all times. Which is why we have installers available around the country, salespeople ready to help, and a customer service line that can be reached at any time during business hours. Tow lives matter, and Safety Vision aims to protect drivers without charging an arm and leg to do it. Let us hook you up today; call 800.880.8855.