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The Tru-Hitch™ heavy-duty under lift towing device properly utilizes the fifth wheel coupling as the pivotal connection between the pulling tractor and the truck in tow. What makes the Tru-Hitch™ unique is that it imposes a downward load and pivots on the towing tractor at the fifth wheel, rather than behind the tractor.

The truck in tow essentially becomes a “semi-trailer.” The weight of the disabled vehicle is distributed among all axles of the towing tractor. The front axle of the towing tractor actually gains weight as the vehicle is lifted! This makes the Tru-Hitch™ system by far the safest heavy duty towing device in the transportation industry.

The Tru-Hitch™ can be attached to or detached from any tractor in less than two minutes, much like a tractor is coupled to a trailer. The system safely lifts at the axle or frame. A rigid coupling is completed by securing the truck in tow to the Tru-Hitch™ booms.

Other towing equipment can result in misapplied unsafe loads, but not the Tru-Hitch™.

  • No permanent connections to your tractor. Connect or disconnect in minutes, no tools required.
  • No wheelbase modifications needed to use a Tru-Hitch. Standard tractors including single axle setups will work with a Tru-Hitch.
  • Comes ready to work complete with a full set of accessories including, chains, binders, blocking, lighting, etc.
  • Use with self-contained electric hydraulics or connect to your trucks’ PTO.
  • 32K lifting capacity and a total 140K Gross Combined Weight Rating. Safely tows the toughest loads.
  • 13 Month Warranty from new.
  • Scales loads when others cannot.
  • Manufactured in the USA at our Connecticut shop for 25 Years.
  • US Military tested and approved.

Tru Hitch