Every year, we give you our roundup of the hottest products and services that have come across our desks from manufacturers, dealers, and service providers in the towing market.

This year’s list spans an impressive amount of categories, including towing software, GPS, damaged vehicle movement systems, synthetics, tools, lights, and many others. This issue should be your company’s wish list going into the new year, as you continue to evaluate and select products to help you operate your towing facility more effectively and efficiently. In every issue through the year, every single product or service we cover in the magazine is there because we think it’s something that you will find useful, so we’re excited about each and every one in all of our issues. Our sole mission is to help you make purchasing decisions, so we’re all about products, all the time. This list reflects the “best of the best.” It is a great time to be an owner of a towing or repossession company, because the market is overflowing with options for great products and services for your facility. Here are some of the products and services that stood out to us this year.


Jerr-Dan’s Heavy Duty JD10XLP Carrier: Steering in a new enthusiastic era for Jerr-Dan, the JD10XLP reflects the company’s years of accumulated engineering innovation and industry experience. Some of the JD10XLP Carrier’s standard features include: dual control boxes located on each side of the carrier, allowing the operator easy access to support the 4 function wireless remote; all steel deluxe headboard with integrated 24” long grab handles and chain racks; hardwood decking made with Brazilian Apitong wood available in 24 ft., 26 ft. and 28 ft. length; antiskid yellow paint treatment; four function wireless remote control, LED lighting and a deck-mounted 3-step fold-out ladder. Available for ordering now.

Jerr-Dan’s Side Recovery and R.A.I.L. Systems: Jerr-Dan’s 10,000 lb. Side Recovery System (SRS) is by far the largest and strongest in the industry, and the boom swivel feature allows the operator to set up either driver or passenger side pulls in no time. The patent pending Independent Hide-Away Flip down Claw/Spade with Dual Stabilizing creates a solid foundation for any type surface and assures the utmost in stabilization. Get noticed in a flash with Rear Awareness Indicator Lights (R.A.I.L.), Jerr-Dan’s exclusive lighting system. Through darkness, fog, rain or heavy traffic, R.A.I.L. uses bright amber LED strobe technology to increase rear visibility and command attention.


Will-Burt Company

Night Scan HDT: The Night Scan HDT as been developed to meet the unique needs of the Recovery and Towing industry. Heavy Wreckers and Rotators benefit from the maximum height and light output of the Night Scan HDT Powerlite. The Powerlite version is available as a surface-mount folding version when there is sufficient space or a vertically-mounted model that requires only a 12” x 12” space for installation. Both are 15’ tall when extended, have dual tilt light heads that cast 120,000 lumens of LED light in all directions to insure you don’t miss a thing. The height of the six Night Scan XL200 LED lights turns night into day and will not blind your crew. Oncoming traffic will be alerted to the scene from a safe distance. Night Scan HDT comes with everything needed for installation. The major truck manufacturers can install the light tower during a new build or the light tower can be installed by dealer or upfitter. They can even be installed on older equipment by your own shop. Best of all, no generator is needed to power the light tower – the efficient Night Scan XL200 LED lamps operate from your trucks power system. Night Scan HDT is available in smaller sizes for rollbacks and tow trucks and we also offer a full range of specialized LED lighting for every vehicle.



FlowStop Spill KIT:

  • 16 oz rubber mallet
  • 3 Absorbant Pads
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • 3 / 0-1” Dia x 3” Tapered Plug
  • Pair of Safety Glasses
  • 3 / 0-2” Dia x 4” Tapered Plug
  • 3 / 0-3” Dia x 8” Tapered Plug
  • 3 / 1”x 3” wide Wedge x 12”
  • 3 / 1/2”x 3”x12“ Wedge
  • 3 / 3”x3“ wide Wedge x 12”
  • 3 Indivdually Packaged FlowStop Football Containment Plugs
  • 3 Indivdually Packaged FlowStop Golfball Containment Plugs
  • 1 Sturdy Poly Storage / Carry Box


  • • Yamada 1” Dual Diaphragm Pump Aluminum Housing Excellent for Hydrocarbons & Light Chemicals
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Air Regulator
  • 2 Aluminum VAC Stingers: 1, 48“ and 1, 30”
  • Aluminum VAC Wand 30“
  • 4, 25’ x 1” VAC & Discharge Hose
  • 50‘ x 3/8“ Air Hose w/ Quick Couplers Mounted Plastic Tool Caddy for 90 Degree ELL & 2” Plugs
  • Mounted on 600 lb Handtruck
  • Pneumatic or Hard Tires (option) Ideal for quick evacuation of damaged saddle tanks, IBC’s and drums.



MO37: This 37″ wireless truck-bar system provides stop, tail, and turn w/ side-marker lights on each end and three DOT lights in the center of the bar. Further direct traffic with its powerful sequential traffic control arrows or strobe modes. The unit also features a powerful work light mode to light up any work scene. Driven by our new Heavy-Duty Lithium power supply, this is the longest lasting heavy-duty light bar on the market!

UNDERGLOW FLEX LIGHTS: Our Flex Light Series of Super Bright Waterproof LED Strip lights are ultra-low profile and designed specifically for automotive/marine voltages (11~19 VDC). These lights measure .5” wide x .25” tall and have a variety of lengths available. These lights will not burn out prematurely in an outdoor  environment! These are perfect “accent “or “marker” lighting but are stunningly bright enough to function as work lights ready to illuminate your work area.

PCX OVERHEAD LIGHT BARS: The Power-Link PCX light bars feature the New PCX Heavy-Duty end cap for increased visibility and durability. Made from a UV-protected acrylic, the new end cap adds a clean, new look to your vehicle while utilizing Power-Link technology. Available with independently controlled alley lights, rear work lights, TDC (true dual color) traffic arrow, and PPT (Peripheral Parabolic Technology) which keeps the traffic alerted while not blinding you in the work zone. Both the light bar and control pad install with just two wires (12V+ and Ground) from each item.


Bully Dog

BDX Performance Programmer: Bully Dog’s BDX Performance Programmer gives drivers the performance they need, whether tackling tough terrain, pulling a heavy payload or maximizing fuel economy on the highway. Its sleek design, full-color display and customizable gauges help track and adjust powertrain performance to deliver more horsepower and torque when it’s needed most. Cloud-based tune delivery over built-in WiFi means that the BDX will always be running the latest tuning- enabling drivers to stay one step ahead of the pack. Store up to 20 custom tunes so that you have a tune ready for any situation. Now that you’re tuned, monitor engine parameters in real time and record your vehicle’s PCM data to view later. Get your BDX and Make Your Ride a Bully Dog.


Renew Truck Body

Renew Truck Body – Heavy Duty Tow Body: Renew Truck Heavy Duty Tow Body is fabricated from welded 1/2″ thick copolypropylene sheet, which can be painted just as any other automotive plastic component. The standard material is natural, which is an off-white color, but black is available. All compartment doors are fitted with automotive grade door seals and you can choose from three door handle styles and two latch designs. All Renew Truck Body body designs incorporate an indirect vent / drain system to help keep your equipment dry and all Renew Truck Bodies are custom designed to your specific requirements.


United Plastic Fabricating

UPF Poly-Gen™ PolyBody: The UPF Poly-Gen™ PolyBody body offers the perfect combination of durability, strength, and customization options. These bodies are smooth, quiet, and feature increased storage and will never rust or corrode. Never worry about dings and dents with these lightweight but surprisingly strong tow bodies. UPF offers replacements for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks and offers the best combination of lightweight material and durability you’ll find. UPF Poly-Gen™ PolyBodies® replacement bodies can make your fleet look brand new, and discounts are available for multiple orders. Call Pat Cahill at 978-360-4546 or email pcahill@unitedplastic.com.


American Safety Supply


  • 300D Oxford w/ PU coating, Polyfilled Insulation for winter
  • 2” Silver Reflective Tape w/ Contrasting Trim. Reflective piping across the waist
  • Black Rip stop Fabric to provide extra protection for garment
  • Elasticized back waist for snug fit
  • Multi-Pockets for Storing the tools
  • Certification: ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Class E
  • Dual Sized – S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL and 4XL/5XL

$ 79.00 Per Pair.


RP Consulting

GEN 3.2 SONETICS WIRELESS HEADSETS: THE Gen 3.2 provides a unique combination of improved safety, new features & ruggedness for your team and the challenging environments you work in.


Headset to Multi-Base Station
❏ This feature allows an APX379 Wireless Headset (APX77 coming soon) to pair simultaneously with up to four SON150 Wireless Base Stations.
❏ Choose from automatic or manual base station selection modes.

  • Split Push-to-Talk (PTT)
  • ENHANCED HEADSET DURABILITY With Gen 3.2, we’ve included several enhancements to boost overall ruggedness, durability and flexibility to better serve our customers.


Schaeffer’s Lubricants

Founded in 1839, Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants provide strong equipment durability and fuel economy benefits, allowing you to maximize your equipment’s performance and return on investment. We believe what you put in your engine matters; it impacts the profitability of your business. That’s why we only use carefully selected premium quality base oils and advanced additives in our products. Schaeffer’s top tier synthetic oils save you time and money by optimizing your engine’s performance. The result: more productivity with less hassle and downtime. Schaeffer’s products are routinely tested each year, and the results consistently show our oils produce real savings.


Access Tools

The Roadside Creeper: an extra thick low clearance creeper or roadside mat for any professional working on an automobile. It can be used roadside when lying down to hook up a vehicle from underneath, or when kneeling to work on a wheel or tire. The thick foam is durable and features a cut-out handle for easy transportation.

The Ultimate Long Reach Kit: includes every tool and accessory you need to open virtually any vehicle on the road today using the long reach method. This 21-piece kit is the most comprehensive and complete long reach tool set ever made.

The Easy Off Twist Socket Set: works like magic to remove all damaged or locked lug nuts without a key. With our exclusive sure twist grip technology locked wheel lugs spin off with no effort. Five socket sizes fit virtually every lock lug nut on the market and are so easy to use with a breaker bar.



TOPS towing management software is designed to manage all aspects of a tow operation from the initial tow request to the vehicle’s final disposition. The TOPS system provides a unified and sophisticated platform for call-taking, dispatching, inventory management, lien processing, and auction administration. TOPS supports single and multi-company operations and provides individual company and roll-up accounting and management reports. TOPS will enable your staff to work smarter with advanced tools that include powerful mobile applications for drivers and lot managers designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile phones and tablets. Update call status times, upload and store call-related photos, and email call receipts to customers directly from your mobile device in the field. Enjoy enhanced data accuracy and improved employee productivity through drop-down menus, short code or type ahead field entry, pre-population of call information and integrated swipe devices (where applicable) for quick data entry. Improve workflow and ensure employee accountability with features such as automated pricing, tow-ticket management, driver and release-clerk payment management systems, and sophisticated security. TOPS protects your interests by offering process, screen, and field level security via user access roles. These access roles keep employees focused on their specific tasks, limiting their visibility into systems outside of their area of responsibility. TOPS allows you to gain a better understanding of the big picture of your business with detailed management, customer activity, and driver and truck productivity reports. TOPS integrates with GPS, motor club, law enforcement, and municipality systems, and imports directly to QuickBooks. Come and see why the top operators in the nation trust TOPS ! For more information, call 866-800-8677, Option 2 or visit us at www.towxchange.net.


Ranger SST

SmartDispatch – What is the most important strategy for improving your bottom-line? For most companies, it centers on completing more calls per driver each month while reducing the expenditure on fuel. Ranger’s SmartDispatchTM was designed specifically to meet these objectives.

In many companies, dispatchers are being asked to look at a job on a tabular Dispatch Board, to relate this data to truck locations from a “bolt-on” GPS product, and to then figure out the best truck to assign. The chances for success are further constrained because the assignment decisions are often considered in isolation – one job at a time.

Ranger’s SmartDispatchTM makes it easy for dispatchers to grasp the big picture to make better assignment decisions. One of the two fully-integrated screens is for the Dispatch Board. The second provides Ranger’s (Google-based) mapping with SmartDispatchTM — showing dispatchers “ALL OPEN JOBS and ALL TRUCKS” near those jobs. SmartDispatchTM enables highly intuitive, visual dispatch.

The wrench/screwdriver symbols show other waiting jobs. The truck images (not clip art) show location, status, and the specific truck type. Dispatchers can “Drag & Drop” the truck image to the job pin, and the call will automatically be assigned and sent to the driver on their mobile device.

SmartDispatchTM equips dispatchers to:

  • Make better assignment decisions – getting the right truck to each job.
  • Avoid trucks “crisscrossing” to assignments – saving fuel and time.
  • Spend less time talking to drivers, and more time talking to customers.
    – Enhancing customer service.
    – Pinpointing incident locations
    (improving navigation for drivers).
  • Help new team members to quickly become proficient in dispatch.

If you are looking to achieve a higher level of business performance, please contact us. We look forward to putting Ranger to work for you.



Towbook is the unquestioned leader in cloud-based towing software, providing tools made possible by the latest technology and helping companies raise their level of service while lowering operating costs.

Towbook users grow their business by leveraging our many partner integrations. These digital integrations allow customers to send calls directly to your company. We also provide features that make it simple for your local businesses to send jobs to your company, making it easier for you and for your customer.

Our mobile apps put the power of Towbook in your hands. Drivers can update status, add photos, complete damage reports and get customer signatures, directly on their iPhone or Android device. Plus, managers and dispatchers can receive and dispatch calls from just about anywhere using the Towbook mobile apps.

Free Trial, Free Setup, Free Support With Towbook, you get a 30-Day free trial plus free setup and support, and there are no contracts. Plus, you don’t need a license for each employee; you get unlimited user accounts with your subscription. At Towbook, we take great pride in having the industry’s best customer support. Support is free and available 24/7/365 – even on holidays. 810-320-5063.


Safety Vision

Safety Vision’s Observer 4000 HVR: Equipped with HD video recording, Safety Vision’s Observer 4000 HVR delivers crystal clear accuracy for quality that matters. Recommended for solutions up to 5 cameras, the Observer 4000 HVR is our most economical system, offering a cost-effective approach to high definition recording. Custom triggered sensors mark video and record vehicle data, while passive GPS tracking records vehicle route history synchronized with video. The Observer 4000 HVR is built tough for extreme durability on the road, giving you the ultimate in budget flexibility with the system reliability you deserve.


CW Mill

CW Mill Hydraulic Mounting Kits: equip a vehicle with live hydraulics, which means they can have hydraulic pressure anytime the engine is running, regardless of engine RPM’s or gear selection. They can be used for a wide array of applications such as TOW TRUCKS & WRECKERS, salt spreaders, snow plows, dump bodies, ground probes, airplane deicers, cranes, rollbacks, hydraulic air compressors or tools, and for much more. CW also manufactures Compressor Kits for refrigeration truck boxes and Alternator kits which provide increased battery charging for vehicles equipped with an increased amount of DC electric powered accessories. Generator kits are available for vehicles adding AC power capability for items such as electric power tools but ultimately any AC powered device.


Marking Pen Depot

Auto Marker: For Mapping Out Damaged Area On Auto Painted Surfaces and Windshields.

MarkingPenDepot offers the industry’s largest selection of markers from the biggest names in the industry: Markal, Dykem, Sakura, Artline, Sanford and Arro. We offer paint pens that leave permanent, removable, weather resistant, high temperature, low chloride and semi permanent marks. Bulk priced markers are available for large users at less than $1.00 each. Replaceable nibs are available for most markers.


Dynamic Towing

Dynamic Towing has a new 701 unit with negative tilt. It has a 5000 lb., fully-extended wheel lift with 25 degrees of negative and power tilt. The reach of the unit is 79 inches. It comes with a Dynamic standard 3-year warranty. The unit is based on the original 701 design, but with the benefits of the negative tilt. It now becomes easier to recover a vehicle down a driveway. The 701 is available with the original Classic body or the Lighting-body style. The Lightning has the fenders dropped down 3 inches and cut back 12 inches. The benefits are better visibility, and when doing 90-degree hookups, there is less a chance of damaging the vehicle being towed. The Lighting is also available with an optional poly-fender upgrade. The upgraded fenders include fenders, tool boxes, and lids. The benefits of the poly fenders are no more rust, light weight, and better fuel efficiency. The 701 has a 5000 lb. wheel lift rated fully extended with 75 inches of reach. The original 701 had a floating style wheel lift. Now Dynamic offers negative tilt with 25 degrees of positive and negative tilt and 79 inches of reach. The 701 Series, also has Dynamic’s 3-year warranty. The 701 can be ordered with many different configurations from just a wheel (701B) to a wheel lift with a drag winch (701BDW) or with a single winch recovery extendable boom (701BSW) or with dual winches (701BTW).

The next series up that Dynamic offers is the 755. This unit comes with Dynamic’s 4-year warranty. It has a 5500-lb. fully extended rated wheel lift with 80 inches of reach and has 25 degrees of positive and negative tilt. This is a heavy-duty unit that is also available with the poly fenders and all the other configurations that the 701 Series has.


Beacon Software

Beacon Software has updated and introduced new towing solutions that areeasy-to-use and increase your productivity while making you more money!

Complete Dispatching and Towing Management.

  • With over 30 new improvements and updated smartphone apps, running your business has never been easier.
  • QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, 18 Motor Clubs, and over 50 other partner integrations including surveys, credit card processing and more!

Roadside Version of Dispatch Anywhere

  • Auto Dispatch/Auto Assign finds the best driver for the call.
  • Unlimited jobs and drivers make it viable for your entire operation.

Digital Dispatching Mobile Software for Smaller Towers/Operators

  • TowMagic replaces multiple motor club applications.
  • Track drivers and dispatch calls with ONE easy-to-use platform.
  • Affordable plans for towers – the lowest prices in the Industry.

Vehicle Lien Processing with Automatic Search and Notification.

  • Save 90% time and labor.
  • SEARCH DMV databases for owner, lienholder, and insurance information.
  • Automatically SEND required letters/notifications— Eliminate trips to the post office!
  • COLLECT revenue from vehicle owners, resale and salvage.


Collins Manufacturing

Collins’ aluminum Carrier Dolly System, is quite simple where it solves all the problems of Carrier loading: No hook points, allwheel drives, hybrid’s, and electric vehicles, whose wheels are locked and won’t roll, are now easily winched up the bed with the Carrier Dolly System. The dolly lifts the vehicle, giving greater ground clearance. The winch cable is then hooked to the tow bar, which is hooked to the dollies, pulling them up the flatbed. The vehicle simply rides the carrier dollies. No chains, hooks, or cables, ever touch the vehicle.

Also, with the tow bar inverted and fitted to either of the carrier dollies, it now becomes a motorcycle dolly for winching up
the carrier.

For vehicles without wheels, the Tow Cradle works perfect with both highway and carrier dollies. Rolling the vehicle up the bed is a far superior system versus dragging it up and down the bed, damaging both bed and vehicle.


Talbert Manufacturing

  • Ultra-low deck height for unmatched clearance and simplified route logistics.
  • Sliding pin or swinging teardrop connections available for enhanced tractor compatibility.
  • Multiple gooseneck options – mechanical, hydraulic or fixed – customized to your hauling need
  • Deck Height: 18 in. Loaded
  • 1-1/2 in. Apitong Flooring Outside Mainbeams
  • Tapered Bridge Ramp With Traction Bars (HRG/SRG)
  • Full Width Rear Bridge Platform With 1-1/8 in. Shiplap
  • Air Suspension With Manual Raising and Lowering
  • Axles: 25,000 lb. Capacity
  • Full Capacity Evenly Distributed Brakes: 16-1/2 in. x 7 in. with Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Full Capacity Evenly Distributed Estimated Empty Weight: Starting At 14,920 lbs.


Lodar Industrial

Lodar Industrial Radio Wireless Remote Controls: do exactly what they say. A wireless system will allow the user to operate from a safe distance with the benefit of moving freely.

Anywhere between 2 and 40 Functions are available, with customised buttons to suit your application. Also included is a 5-year Pro-Rated warranty.


Custer Produts

One of most popular new products this year is the wireless LIW-36STR-7R. This bar has a 7 pin connection, with two amber/white strobes on a separate switch for additional driver safety. FCC approved, with full stop, turn, tail lights and side markers. Shrink-tube connectors, hard-wired lights, individually serialized and programmed to eliminate cross-talk. With 1,000 feet of site visibility and a run time of 12-30 hours (depending on use), the LIW-36STR-7R has quickly become of our most popular wireless tow lights.

Custer Products new WL32AW-kit has 32 watts of combined power in 2 unique work lights. This kit has nearly 3000 lumens of light that will flood your work area. When not using the kit as a work light, flip the switch and get 3000 lumens of Amber steady light for fog or dusty conditions. Flip the switch again and you now have turned your work lights into Amber strobes with the same kit. Lights, wiring, switch and brackets are all included.

The Custer WL80FS has 6720 lumens, 16 5 watt Cree LEDs, a waterproof rating, and a die-cast aluminum housing. 80 watts of spot/flood lights for maximum visibility when you need it most.


Auto Data Direct

Auto Data Direct (ADD): offers web-based solutions for the towing industry that let you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. ADD’s online tools allow companies to instantly locate the last state of title, find real-time owner/lienholder information in 34 state databases through the DMV123 portal, and create and send certified letters to the post office all from the comfort of your office.

Through ADD’s DirectPostOffice, operators in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Connecticut and Tennessee can send notification letters to owners, lienholders and insurers by creating certified mail and inserting the letters into the USPS mail stream electronically right from their ADD accounts. Incorporating ADD’s real-time state searches and forms tools, DirectPost-Office provides a suite of letter services including repossession notices, notice of claim of lien and sale and more. ADD also offers integrated federal salvage (NMVTIS) reporting making it even easier to reduce the time, effort, and expense to run your operation the right way. For more information, call us at 866.923.3123 or email info@add123.com.



Dieselsite, Inc., has developed a special fuel filter, water separator that will help protect the Ford 6.7L fuel system from particles and water. The Dieselsite filter works by intercepting the fuel before it gets to the factory filter and any of the Ford fuel system components. There is a separator cone in the bowl of the filter that removes water and all large particles. Then the fuel travels into the upper section through a 2 micron particle separator. At this point, you have very clean, water free fuel traveling through your system.



Swoop: Tired of outdated software, calculating invoices, and piles of paperwork? Save time and money by upgrading to Swoop Contact us to learn more by emailing software@joinswoop.com or texting 415-843-4288.


Industrial Netting

FMCSA regulation 393.192 requires containment of loose parts during transportation of damaged vehicles. CAR-GO-NET provides low cost compliance. Small, lightweight rolls can be easily handled by one person to form a “disposable tarp” that contains loose parts on damaged vehicles. A single roll 56” wide x 1,000-ft long weighs just 21 pounds and can easily be shipped via UPS or FedEx. CAR-GO-NET is designed for a single use, eliminating maintenance costs associated with reusable tarps.


Clore Automotive

JNC770R: The latest addition to the Jump-N-Carry line, the JNC770R features extra-long 68” cable reach, a master ON-OFF switch, digital gauge, dual USB ports and an LED work light. Like all JNC units, it delivers exceptional power, extended cranking duration, many jumps per charge and a long unit life.


Manufacturer Express

  • Patented 3″ x 7ft SS Under lift strap w/removable ratcheting tool
  • Patented 2″ x 5ft SS Under lift strap w/removable ratcheting tool
  • 2” Long Wide Stainless Steel Ratchet
  • 2” Standard Stainless Steel Ratchet



Granular Multi-Purpose Absorbent: Loose granular absorbents provide a quick, effective cleanup solution for oil and chemical spills. TACKLE Technologies’ Spill TACKLE is four times more absorbent than clay and provides an all-natural solution to remove unwanted oil & grease from water.

  • Patented blend of agricultural and forestry materials that encapsulate a spill on contact
  • Works fast on oil, fuel, antifreeze, paint, hydraulic fluids and more
  • Contains micro-organisms that breakdown hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide


VTS Systems

If you own or manage a tow company and vehicle storage facility (VSF), then you know it’s a tough and competitive business. Towing is often a waiting game–waiting for the phone to ring, a call to an accident or police arrest, or an apartment complex tow. To be in the towing business, you need a tow truck. If you recover vehicles, then you also need a VSF in which to securely impound and legally process the vehicles you have towed.

To develop and retain a leadership position and effectively manage your business, you need software, be it web- or PCbased. Every software company specializing in towing knows how to process a tow invoice, truthfully, as a software coding process producing a tow invoice is not rocket science. The real challenge is understanding the complexities faced by companies who operate a VSF, and with this understanding, write a software program which is comprehensive, compliant, and easy to use. Every state or province in North America has its own rules and a multitude of paper forms required to fully process an abandoned vehicle through to a public auction and ultimately a tax office title change. Complying with state statutes, local law enforcement rules, and completing the required forms from within a fully automated software program is what VTS Systems does best. VTS Systems software will relieve you of the worry and stress of managing a VSF, reduce employee errors and the possibility of regulatory fines. Moreover, we will improve your competitive edge and save your company money. “No One Does Storage Lot Management like We Do,” Period! Contact VTS Systems at 877.374.7225, option 2 or visit our website.


Steck Manufacturing

Steck’s 4th Wheel Loader: is a tough 24” x 14” hardened aluminum fabricated platform with two 4” x 10” Polypropylene roller wheels, six 5/8” holes for mini-J hooks for loading assistance and 1” axles which provides a safe platform to easily hold and secure up to 5 tons while loading a vehicle. The 4th Wheel Loader also includes two shims that allow the driver to raise the vehicle with busted ball joints, lost wheels and severely bent axles and place it at a desired height for secure loading on the roll back. The Loader is 4” high (without shim blocks) with a built in 6” X 1 ¼” handle which will allow you to store the 25 lb. Lback bed as well as preventing bed damage to the roll back.




  • Heavy-duty lifting 6” x 6” main beam
  • 4,000-lb.+ lift capacity
  • Suggested minimum 10,000 GVW chassis
  • Full 90-degree loading (great for parallel parked cars)
  • In-cab 8-function control
  • Quick connect for easy removal
  • Twin 3-½” lift cylinders for more speed and power
  • Hydraulic claws
  • 12,000-lb. winch available


Best Tools

60″ Legion Light bar with Stop, Tail , Turn and Work
lights. Fully populated top quality light bar-

  • 3 progressive warning modes
  • LED takedown and alley lights (optional)
  • Standard features: directional / traffic control patterns, front / rear cutoff, manual low power mode, flashing takedowns & alleys, flash pattern change, program mode for user defined flash patterns

Emergency Response Kit: This Best Tools USA Emergency Response Magic Wand Lockout Kit includes our 30″ Silver Snatcher. You can also upgrade to a 50″ Silver Snatcher.

Kit includes the following: 30″ Silver Snatcher, 55″ Magic Wand, 32″ Mini Wand, Super Grooved Wedge, Air Wedge, knob knabber, Paint Protector, and one 58″ Bag with handle and velcro fastener (your choice of RED or BLUE) Replacement parts can be purchased individually at anytime.
* Manufactured solely in the USA!

New large hook opening Axle Chain designed to hookunder the axle and attach to the frame of the truck to keep the air bags up. Stop wasting your time crawling under your truck and wrapping the axle with a 20ft chain. The hook is wide enough to fit most to all big axles just right with 3 different size slip hooks and grab hooks help tighten and secure the chain.

These Axle chains are great for keeping you clean and saving you time. Chains sold individually.


Custom Built Manufacturing

Custom Built Mfg. LLC came to be after 30 years in the Towing industry and 35 in the Auto Body Industry as Dangelo’s Auto Body and Repairs. At Custom Built Mfg. LLC., it has always been about three things:

1} The Customer, 2} The Customer, 3} The Customer

That has carried over into the Heavy- Duty Towing Vehicles manufactured in KANE Pennsylvania, with the care and pride that only the small town attitude brings to the table. That being true, Team Work and the very BEST our trucks can be All of the time. Quality is number One at Custom Built Mfg. LLC. using Quality American Made; steel, aluminum, fasteners, hydraulics, cables, winches, lights, rings and pinions for our rotators, and as many accessories whenever possible. Custom Built means just that; hand-crafted and hand-fit for precise long life operation. From metal forming, welding to assembly our technicians have eyes on every step of the manufacturing process as well as Derek Dangelo’s {Owner} personal supervision occurs at every step of the manufacturing processes. You will even see Derek involved in hands-on when issues arise.


ECM Performance

ECM Performance provides Engine Control Module (ECM) programming and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Deletion Tuning.In real world work applications, repeated short drive times at less than highway speeds are very common. Also, trucks are increasingly used as machines requiring long idle and extended use in PTO (Power Take Off) Mode. Both scenarios prevent a truck from properly going into its regen cycle which is supposed to clean the DPF filter.

This is where the trouble begins. A clogged DPF filter can result in diesel soot backing up into the engine, causing damage to the VGT actuator, turbo, fuel injectors and EGR solenoid. Also, the unburned fuel injected into the exhaust system, as part of the regen cycle, can go into the crankcase contaminating the engine oil.Customers unbolt the ECM from the engine block, unplug the harness connections and ship it to ECM Performance. For most applications, the original engine data is immediately read from the ECM and backed up three ways for the customer’s protection.


Recovery Billing

The average tow man is excellent at what he does best and that’s towing and recovery. Billing can be complex and when starting out in business, it can be a challenge to design the right billing and invoicing systems to take advantage of the recovery work that’s being performed. Think about it. You could be losing thousands per month for unbilled services for what is essentially a clerical oversight. Bob and Eric bring their expertise to seminars throughout the year in Massachusetts and across the continent. Groups are small, with only 20 towing companies per session, which makes for a more focused, one-on-one learning experience and higher success rates.

We especially take care to help other businesses overcome the red tape and wall of legal babble that prevents towing companies from being paid. We will help you to navigate the legal roadblocks and red tape, helping you to get paid for your work without fail. All it takes is a robust system which you can apply to every job that you complete.


Wrecker Rentals

Wrecker Rentals, Inc. provides full-service tow truck rental for the lower 48 states. They provide short-term (three-day minimum) and long-term tow truck rental of late model light-duty wreckers and roll-back tow trucks. They distribute trucks from Atlanta, Georgia, & Dallas, Texas, and, in most cases, can have a truck to you within 24 hours of approval.


Holly’s Towing Dispatch

Holly’s Towing Dispatch answers and dispatches solely for the towing and recovery industry, and is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year. Your company chooses when Holly’s Towing Dispatch works best for your company. Do you need help on nights and weekends? 24/7? We accommodate your needs no matter what time of day. With 20 plus years’ experience, Holly’s Towing Dispatch takes and dispatches all calls directly to drivers, an on-call manager, or in-house dispatcher. Whatever works best for you, we can accommodate. Our goal and purpose are to get your drivers on-scene quickly by providing fast and accurate service. Give us a call today at 800-730-3909 to find out how Holly’s Towing Dispatch can help YOU.