The After-Market Underreach Giant Still Committed to Customers Making Profit Not Payments
1983, about the time when Seattle was the epicenter of everything cutting-edge, from music to computers to $2.00 coffee (remember when it was only $2.00?!) – another Seattle “rocket” was launching. An entrepreneur took a huge gamble and launched a company that manufactured add-on wheel and frame lifts. Not only did Ed Zackovich have to explain what a Zacklift was, he had to explain what a “wheel-lift” was. Slings were king, and no one was ready to give up something that had been paying the bills for decades. It could all be connected to the gas crunch of the late 70s. Cars had begun getting lighter and much more difficult to tow. The sling was now the source of damage to Pintos, 240Zs, and Cobras. Europe was way ahead of the U.S., as light, small economical cars have always been the only way to travel the highways and byways of Europe. Zackovich made a serious study of how European manufacturers were meeting the challenge of bumpers and airfoils that were evolving into plastic and what seemed like lighter-than-air metals. The part of the puzzle that still had to be solved was how to engineer what the world needed as a retrofit, and not as a complete tow truck. Zackovich believed that what a tower really needed was not big payments on a new truck, but an underlift for a truck that he had already paid for, that was insured, painted, and making a profit.

Enter the first retrofit wheel frame lifts that the U.S. had ever seen. Back then, the biggest load a Zacklift could lift was 6,500 pounds. Compare that to today’s Zacklift Z403 with a rating of 40,000 pounds and a reach of 147”. One thing Zacklift never could have predicted was that semi-trucks would evolve into being as difficult to tow as those small cars. The first heavy duty Zacklifts started taking off more than 20 years ago. Zacklift had gained a reputation for building powerful tools that got the job done. The excellent reputation wasn’t luck. The company and every employee was, and is, focused on building a product that exceeds every customer’s expectation for quality. They have listened to what their customers have been saying for 30 years. Zacklift has responded with innovation, increased ratings, and necessary accessories.

The innovation that yet again was to reshape the face of the towing industry was the Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER. The same Zacklift that could lift and tow anything that was rolling down the highway could now mount and dismount just like a semi-trailer, leaving the towing truck free to pack trailers, flat beds. Always thinking about how their customers can maximize profit, the FITHWHEELER can take a truck that may not be seeing too much action transporting trailers, and that truck can now work day and night as the company’s short and long distance transporter.
Zacklift offers 5 choices in ratings and reaches, from 18,000 pounds to the supersized 40,000 lb Z403. Unique to Zacklift is the ability to take any model underreach in the lineup and put it together with either the permanent mounting hardware or outfit is as a removable FIFTHWHEELER. The Zacklift is the same in either application, only the mounting hardware differs. All are complete with 5 sets of frame forks, two pairs of fork receivers, a self-contained power system, or the valving foran existing PTO and pump, AND a corded remote control. The FIFTHWHEELER is always ready for the road with all the hydraulics, electrical and mechanical connections factory pre-engineered. Everything that can be done is done for the customer so that he really can hit the road running. With the economically priced FIFTHWHEELER, Zacklift again proves its commitment to customers making profit not payments.

Since the first Zacklift add-on wheel/frame lift made its mark on the towing industry, the company is still leading the way to helping put money in the pockets of three decades of super satisfied customers.

To find out more about Zacklifts from 18,000 to 40,000 pounds, permanently mounted or the removable FIFTHWHEELER, call toll free 844-ZACKLIFT, or click