Why Did Al Capone Go to Jail?

By D.J. Harrington One of the most famous American gangsters of all times was Al Capone. He was known for many things. Not only was he a notorious killer, but he was known and feared for other reasons, as well.  His nickname was “Scarface.”  He became known as the leader of the Chicago mafia during … Read More

When to Sell Your Company

Over 70,000 small businesses are bought and sold each year. Someday, your business may become a part of that number. When I sold my business, I ran into the perfect scenario. I can’t say that I was ready to sell my company, but two buyers came to me, and I had to make a decision.

Synthetic vs. Petroleum

The ongoing march to achieve more technologically advanced engines continues, and certainly the modern turbo-charged diesel engine exemplifies that quest. The race between GM, Ford and Dodge has benefited you and me; the improvement in all aspects of these diesel engines is easily quantifiable in terms of horsepower and torque, as well as fuel efficiency and endurance.

Tech and Tow: Tomorrow Is Already Here

Today, over 61% of Americans have a smartphone – and that percentage keeps rising. These phones are carried everywhere, especially when people are on the road. In fact, more and more people can’t imagine being stranded without one.

Keep Employees Safe During Vehicle Lockout/Tagout

Tow professionals count on their vehicles and equipment to be in top-notch condition. After all, life is good at work when your machines are running smoothly. But, all good things come to an end, and you can count on your equipment needing service, maintenance, and repairs from time to time.