Protecting Employees from Winter’s Hazards

As a tow professional, you and other owners, operators, and employees work year-round outside in the elements. Depending on your location, the outdoor work environment can be brutal, especially in the winter months.

The Buck Stops Here

When I started my own business, I didn’t realize how different my life would become. As the owner of my business, I was now responsible for everything that would happen. I was now in charge of…

What’s the Best Way to Start the Day?

Last week, I was in New Orleans speaking at the NADA Convention. NADA is the National Automobile Dealers Association. While there, I was asked, “DJ, how do you start your day?” Wonderful question!

Grease, the Forgotten Lube

In previous Lube Talk articles, we looked at the role lubricants play in overcoming the effects of friction. In this installment, I want to examine one specialized type of lubricant: grease lube.

Hazmat Awareness and Spill Kits Improve Safety and Efficiency

Punctured radiators and grazed saddle tanks are just two of the leaky messes that drivers may face when they’re called out to assist disabled vehicles. Getting these and other vehicle fluids under control quickly and safely can present challenges.