Five Reasons Why a Jump Starter Beats Booster Cables (Every Time)

With the incredibly inclement weather seen this winter, it has been common to see TV news articles addressing ways vehicle owners can be prepared and survive the cold and snow. Inevitably, one of the items they talk about is booster cables and the jump starting process. Occasionally, they mention a jump starter, but usually stick … Read More

Straps and Chains

By Simon Birch This month, we are going to discuss straps and chains. We will cover their uses and applications, ratings and sizes, and care and maintenance. STRAPS Nylon or Polyester straps have become the industry standard over the last decade or so. They are available in as many different shapes, sizes and configurations as … Read More

Cutting Corners, What Our Testing and Research Shows

By Fritz Dahlin Note: Please be aware that this testing was done with new product under controlled conditions. NO product should EVER be used above its WORK LOAD LIMIT. Minimum break strengths should NEVER be used to determine the suitably of a product. Failure to follow these warnings may result in property damage, personal injury … Read More

The Customer / The Service

By Dan Messina Over the years, the customer has gotten smarter and smarter. They are better educated at all things in life, including service. Today’s customer has experienced it and they like it. You can no longer ask them to choose between lower price or better service; they want both. Offering a good service can … Read More

Engine Oil Filtration

By Dan Watson I have spent the past several issues of Tow Professional explaining oils and how they lubricate.  Understanding the fundamentals of lubrication and selecting the proper lubricant is certainly the primary responsibility of the maintenance personnel. Once that choice is made, it is now necessary to insure the oil is as clean as … Read More