Latch on to HazCom

By Bob Ernst, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. If you look around any workplace, you are likely to see lots of different chemicals being used. With almost every chemical, there are risks to you, your physical surrounding and the environment as a whole. The possibility of accidents and injuries is always present when you’re … Read More


ZACKLIFT CELEBRATES 30 YEAR MILESTONE The After-Market Underreach Giant Still Committed to Customers Making Profit Not Payments 1983, about the time when Seattle was the epicenter of everything cutting-edge, from music to computers to $2.00 coffee (remember when it was only $2.00?!) – another Seattle “rocket” was launching. An entrepreneur took a huge gamble and … Read More

The True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach

The True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach is a heavy duty under lift that has the most extension, most retraction, more tilt and the most lifting capacity of any lift on the market. It has a lift rating of 45,000 pounds retracted and 24,000 fully extended. It has a clear extension of 140″ to the center … Read More

T & L Lift Equipment

T & L Lift Equipment is a proud distributor of Lift & Tow hidden wheel lift systems. These wheel lifts are some of the most versatile units on the market. They can be installed completely underneath the truck, leaving the bed fully intact. All of our wheel lifts come with a 12 volt pump and … Read More

Pan Pillow

Less than the cost of your cheapest oil pan damage claim, the ONE and ONLY Pan Pillow will virtually eliminate oil pan damage from your operation. On the market since January 2006, the Pan Pillow has been used by thousands of tow operators who agree that the Pan Pillow is a “Must Have” tool when … Read More

The Tru-Hitch™ heavy-duty under lift towing device

The Tru-Hitch™ heavy-duty under lift towing device properly utilizes the fifth wheel coupling as the pivotal connection between the pulling tractor and the truck in tow. What makes the Tru-Hitch™ unique is that it imposes a downward load and pivots on the towing tractor at the fifth wheel, rather than behind the tractor. The truck … Read More

Lift and Tow

Lift and Tow is a company that has been in the Towing and Recovery market for more than 17 years. Company President & Owner Cal Roth stated that safety is the upmost importance and a lot of thought went into making his line of lifts for his towers. The Z-series is their top-of-the-line lift. What’s … Read More

Dynamic 755 Series

Dynamic 755 Series 8,000 lb. Capacity Dynamic is now offering the 755 Series. The 755 offers a very capable 5,500 lb fully extended self-loading wheel lift that can be outfitted with frame forks and is tow rated at 8,000 lbs. The 755 is also equipped with a 60” one piece steel body and a self-centering … Read More

Direct Equipment Supply

The New Model 20 5th Wheel Towing Boom converts any standard fifthwheel road tractor for towing service at a moment’s notice. With 25,000lbs of lifting capacity and 50,000lbs of pulling capacity, this super duty wrecker unit is more than twice as powerful as our Model 10. Featuring a massive 12″ X 12″ boom, this super … Read More

Detroit Wrecker Sales

Detroit Wrecker Sales has been supplying the Towing & Recovery industry with the finest equipment, expertise, and service for over 30 years. Detroit Wrecker has revolutionized the industry with two extremely innovative towing products: the “Low Loader” and “Lil Hercules Herc-0-matic Self Loader.” All of Detroit Wrecker’s products are designed with quality, craftsmanship, and longevity … Read More