Dealing with Bad Employees

I can remember when I first got into the towing business. I was in the computer industry for 35 years dealing with white collar computer professionals who thought they knew everything. My first exposure in towing was operating a private property towing company and dealing with drivers who thought they knew everything. I can remember … Read More

Unified Fleet and Operations Management

By Matt Gunzenhaeuser, TomTom Telematics Labor and fuel are the two biggest line items on a tow operator’s operating budget. If you could cut fuel costs by 15 percent or more, it would have a major impact on your business. What about maintenance costs? Insurance? Liability? Forward-thinking towers are realizing a lot of value from … Read More

Voice of Your Loyal Customer

All of us appreciate our customers because they’re not so easy to keep. It’s important to know what they feel about us. Whether they’re a repeat or “one-time” customer, what are they hearing? What are they seeing? What causes them to think about us, as Towers, the way they feel about other groups or businesses? … Read More