Letter from the Publishers

Tis the Season

With the Christmas time here again, it means that we will be gathering with family, eating too much and towing away idiots parked in the handicap zones at the malls. It is a time of reflection on what we have accomplished this year and a time of planning for the things we need to grow our businesses, plus the way we want to achieve it.

With that in mind, we just went and returned from the Baltimore Tow Show. There were several new companies, and the growth in the industry is apparent. We had an opportunity to catch up with several of our clients, and they were thrilled with the response that they get from you guys. Because of you and a little help from our “competitor,” we had the most successful show in our company history. So, thank you for reading; we enjoy putting this together for you, and, to show our thanks, we have made several upgrades to what we do.

You may have noticed that the magazine is now being printed on a thicker and higher quality paper. It makes the photos look better and the magazine more durable. We also have increased our circulation to over 33,000 per issue and have made some major upgrades to our digital version. There will now be video and product brochures available from participating clients that will allow you to see all the products a company offers, the product specs or videos of how it works, right there at your fingertips. Check it out at www.towprofessional.com or subscribe to receive it via email.

Enjoy this time with your family, but remember the season is meant to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas!
Darian Weaver