A Star is Born

    Western Star is known for providing the ultimate chassis solution for heavy wrecker applications.  To help promote their capabilities, the company decided to build a “monster wrecker” to display as its showcase truck during the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) and Florida Tow Show. Featuring superior cab room, nearly unlimited options for rear axle spacing and various front axle configurations including factory installed twin steer, the showcase wrecker demonstrates first-hand why Western Star is the premium solution in the towing and recovery market.

    “I’ve interviewed a number of wrecker operators over the years that own Western Star trucks, and they all agree they don’t want to drive anything else,” said Guy Lemieux, segment manager, Western Star. “Many of these owners tell me that a 15-year-old Western Star cab remains rattle-free better than a one-year-old competitive model.”

    Western Star coordinated with Don Trower of Tow Truck Country, a Dubuque, IA-based division of Western Star/JerrDan dealer Truck Country along with JerrDan engineers to spec the chassis for a 50-ton straight boom truck.

    Starting with the engine, Western Star equipped its 4900EX, 132-inch BBC wrecker with a Detroit DD16® engine – the most powerful Detroit engine available – featuring 600 hp and 2,050lb-ft of torque, and an Eaton Fuller 20918B 18 speed transmission, which puts power to the rear axles. Cooling is provided by a 1750 sq/in copper & brass radiator.  The 4900EX wheelbase is 324”and features taperleaf front suspension rated at 20k with Airliner rear tandem suspension rated at 46k.  A 20k Hendrickson pusher is factory mounted to assist with heavy loads.

    Customizing an equally impressive exterior, Chris Jory, manager, concept and prototype, Daimler Trucks North America, worked with Mick Jenkins of Twins Custom Coaches in Pomona, CA to create a custom scheme to further set it apart from others.  The layers of custom metal flake and clear were expertly applied by So-Cal’s legendary painter Pete Santini.  “Having the paint done by Pete, who hot rodders consider to be the best in the industry, was very important to the statement we wanted to make with this truck” said Andy Johnson, Western Star brand manager.  The severe service cab features Western Star’s plush, enhanced premium interior in green and grey.

    Western Star’s classic traditional styling has always turned heads and the ‘60’s retro paint scheme takes this truck over the top.  And if that wasn’t enough, all the features that make a Star so durable like the galvannealed steel cab with two-piece windshield, rugged frame and bolted cross members ensure this truck will continue to turn heads for a long time.  The best way to put it, this is one badass wrecker!

    For more information on Western Star’s 4900EX series and wrecker applications, visit: www.westernstar.com.