Getting to Know Insurance Auto Auctions

    Getting to know Auto Auctions
    Getting to know Auto Auctions
    Getting to know Auto Auctions
    Getting to know Auto Auctions

    Founded in 1982, IAA is driving the salvage auto auction industry, working to provide the best value to buyers and high returns to sellers. IAA’s unique business model combines in-person and on-line auctions into one platform. This well-established model allows the company to flex in ways a single, on-line only auction model cannot.

    What should you expect when you work with IAA?

    Insurance Auto Auctions
    Insurance Auto Auctions

    IAA makes it easy and convenient for towers to sell their abandoned and towed vehicles. Towers can free up valuable space on their lots and earn extra revenue.

    IAA has unmatched operational expertise. You will find end-to-end solutions and standardized quality assurance practices at each of their 160 North American locations. IAA experts are on hand to assist buyers and sellers alike.

    IAA has been auctioning for 30 years. It’s no surprise IAA has long standing relationships with more than 900 independent and national towing companies. In fact, IAA is more than a salvage auction company. IAA is considered a single solution for disposition of vehicles.

    What exactly does IAA auction?

    IAA auctions all types of vehicles in all types of conditions. IAA auctions cars, trucks, boats, motor homes, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and travel trailers. IAA also offers salvage commercial vehicles that range from buses, trailers to trucks and heavy equipment such as cranes, emergency vehicles, farm, forestry and heavy-duty vehicles.

    Although IAA does not typically purchase vehicles, they do manage the sale and disposition of vehicles for insurance companies, recovered-theft, fleet lease, rental companies, and charity organizations. IAA consistently produces some of the industry’s highest returns for vehicle providers.

    IAA has found by providing an auction environment with both live and live-online bidders creates a healthy, competitive auction that drives the best value and high returns for the vehicle.  In fact last year alone IAA auctioned more than 1.3 million vehicles.  And as part of a larger global company, KAR Auction Services, (NYSE: KAR), IAA has strong financial cash flow. KAR’s business model offers services before, during and after the auction.

    Who can buy at IAA auctions?

    For the past 30 years, IAA has continued to develop and cultivate a mature and global customer buyer base. Buyers include automotive body shops, rebuilders, used car dealers, automotive wholesalers, exporters, dismantlers, recyclers, brokers, and where allowed, non-licensed (public) buyers.

    Anywhere, anytime access and mobile technology enable IAA buyers access to bid in six languages including:  English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Polish and Russian.  An estimated 30 percent of IAA’s vehicles are sold and exported to foreign countries. Today, nearly 15 percent of customers choose a language other than English. The team at IAA believes this percentage will continue to increase.

    IAA follows strict regulatory compliance at the federal and state levels and is well versed in all state titling laws as well as buyer and seller licensing.

    Where can I get more information about IAA?

    For more information regarding towing opportunities, please call IAA’s Transportation team at (734) 461-9365, or email If you are interested in selling vehicles to IAA, please call 262-325-1701, or email Lyndsie Erickson at Go to IAA’s website at