A Lot of Exciting Things Have Been Happening at Dynamic Since Expanding Their Location This Year

We are implementing new paint processes. Currently, we are adding new compressors and refrigerate dryers to handle a new sand blasting booth. We will be adding a new powder coating booth and system sometime after Baltimore.

With now having an in-house engineering staff, we are working and planning to have (in Baltimore) a new design rotating flatbed with a much better load angle, lower center of gravity, many less hoses and other moving parts. Also, in Baltimore, we will have a new rollback with what we think is the best linkage system for the towing industry. Plus, our service truck, Fusion, and our new, fast-selling 755, plus all of our proven line of wreckers and slide ins. Both with many improvements for service ability are in the works.

It will be a very exciting years at Dynamic!

The towers will see and feel the benefits of being a Dynamic customer. The original self loader just seems to be getting better and bigger.

Dynamic Towing Equipment and Manufacturing