Increase Safety, Speed and Revenue

Night time recovery operations are challenging even for the most experienced tow professional.  Danger created by careless drivers, unseen debris and spills and shadows created by eye-level lighting make a tough job harder than it has to be. Night Scan® Powerlite HDT by Will-Burt is a light tower specifically designed to reduce these hazards.

Created especially for the tow professional, Night Scan Powerlite HDT is mounted directly on the wrecker and provides 360° of recovery scene lighting from up to 15 feet above the wrecker deck.  Illuminating the scene from above simulates daylight, which helps to eliminate shadows.  Eliminating shadows allows you to see everything at the site. Lights aimed down from high above the scene also allow oncoming traffic to safely see the site from a distance, but it will not blind the drivers.

A minimal amount of space on the wrecker is needed, and the light tower can be incorporated into new builds or easily installed on existing vehicles. No generator is required for the LED lights, which create a total of 84,000 lumens and will last for years.

Night Scan is always with the wrecker, meaning you will never need to call for lighting back-up.  The speed and safety of operations will increase, and you can also increase your billings by charging for the lighting equipment.