Jerr-Dan’s Cab-Over Engine (COE) XLP

Jerr-Dan's Cab-Over Engine XLP
Jerr-Dan's Cab-Over Engine XLP
Jerr-Dan's Cab-Over Engine XLP
Jerr-Dan’s Cab-Over Engine XLP

With the increasing popularity of the (COE) chassis’, Jerr-Dan has engineered their low profile XLP carrier for the Isuzu NRR and Hino 195 COE chassis to provide a product that can be utilized by those towers who are in need of a carrier that provides the lowest load angle in the industry and a chassis that fits into those smaller areas such as the “tight” city areas.

The COE XLP provides a lower deck height and better load angle with improved visibility and maneuverability.

Jerr-Dan provides the most engineered chassis solutions for the widest variety of chassis in the industry, leading the industry in new product innovation.

They are now offering XLP carrier models on all of the following chassis:

  • Ford F650, F550
  • Peterbilt 325, 330
  • Kenworth 270, 370
  • Hino 238, 258
  • Freightliner M2 106
  • International Durastar
  • Dodge 5500
  • Isuzu NRR *featured
  • Hino 195 *featured

Standard features provided by the Jerr-Dan XLP carrier include:

  1. Load angle as low as 7.5 degrees
  2. World’s lowest maintenance carrier, including No-Lube™ technology for slide pads and pivot joints
  3. Industry’s strongest aluminum beds featuring exclusive, patented Galvanized Steel Beam Technology™
  4. On-board hydraulic pressure gauge allows for easy troubleshooting
  5. Single sheet decking on conventional and dual angle steel decks reduces weld joints and potential corrosion points
  6. Combination winch cable guide roller and tensioner plate
  7.  Manual or air-controlled winch free-spool
  8. Corrosion-resistant lighted dual-control stations
  9. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration DOT 393 compliant crash protection headboard
  10. Industry’s most advanced high performance hose and wire cable-tracking system
  11. Industry’s highest standard DOT reflectivity and lighting levels
  12. 12 key slots standard

Be powerfully present with R.A.I.L.™, Jerr-Dan’s exclusive Rear Awareness Indicator Lights. Bright amber LED strobe technology commands attention whether you’re working through dark, foggy, rainy, or high-traffic conditions. Random flashing light patterns project horizontally for increased rear visibility, especially when the deck is tilted for loading and unloading allowing you to work in confidence. R.A.I.L. is positioned rearward of carrier bed controls to minimize distraction for the operator and their robust, corrosion resistant mounting bracket provides unparalleled durability. Get noticed in a flash and have a higher level of confidence on the job with R.A.I.L.

“Jerr-Dan will continue to innovate and engineer solutions that provide our customers options when choosing a product for their particular application,” said Jeff Soldner, Jerr-Dan Product Director. “Expanding the XLP carriers to the Ford F550 and Dodge 5500 earlier this year filled a gap that customers were requesting. The introduction of the Jerr-Dan XLP for the Isuzu NRR and Hino 195 shows our commitment to the customer by designing our product for mounting on two popular Cab-Over chassis.”

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