VTS Systems

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For many, it is time to begin 2015 planning strategies. Do you have the right mix of vehicles to service your market, the right employees, and are they well-trained? You should also look at advancing software technology. In plain terms, the market offers two types of software, PC based, and cloud-based, and each offers unique advantages. If you want your drivers to answer customer calls, enter towing and pricing information via a smart phone or tablet, you might consider a cloud based application.

If, however, your business model requires a dispatcher to efficiently manage the process of answering calls, entering data, assigning the correct tow truck, and providing drivers with “what, when, and how,” then a PC/server solution may be a better fit.

Beginning in 2015, VTS Systems will offer both a cloud-based and PC/server based solutions. Remember, do your research, call and ask questions, seek opinions, as to what works and what does not, and bear in mind, you can contact VTS Systems at 281.373.3072 Ext. 2.