The Strength of the Towing Industry is the People

Great employees and success - the idea that Great employees helps to achieve success in business, work and life symbolized by English word and a newton cradle, 3d illustration

After twenty-five years in the towing industry, I finally figured out the strength of the industry, it is the people.  When I would do seminars at tow shows I would tell the towers, any of you can walk out on the floor and buy any of the following:

1. You can buy a truck

2. You can get it financed

3. You can get it insured

4. You can buy all the equipment for it

5. You can even register with motor clubs to get tows

The only thing that makes you different from the guy sitting next to you is your employees.

I can remember when I started my tow company, I needed to hire dispatchers, drivers, and other employees I did not even know I needed.  I was new to the industry and had no idea the type of people I needed.  I did know who I was and what I wanted my company to look like.  I was a competitor in sports, and I built a lot of successful teams, so I figured building a tow company cannot be any different.

I wanted:

1. People skilled in the positions I needed 

2. I wanted all my trucks to be the same

3. I wanted all my employees to look good and wear uniforms

4. I wanted the best accounts that generated tows

5. I wanted lots of bling with everything in my company.

As I started putting it all together there were a lot of people to help me.  Even my competition showed me the ropes of the industry.  We all worked together and became friends.  I remember sending my wife to a tow show in Florida one month after we opened the doors. Everyone was great and extremely helpful.  It did not take long for me to be where I wanted to be.

After running my business for a year, the state of Texas was making changes on how they would regulate the towing industry. I decided it was time to start a towing association.  My wife and I jumped in the car and drove all over Texas meeting with hundreds of tow companies and letting them know how we would be regulated going forward.  I remember being in Houston in front of three hundred tow companies with a state rep trying to explain what was coming. After about 30 minutes of arguing we had to call the police. It was then I knew this industry was for me.  I was working with a bunch of people that worked hard and was ready to fight for what they believed in.  Our travels paid off as we ended up with over 1100 members in our association.  Nine years later we are still going strong.

In 2009 American Towman Magazine put my wife and I on the cover of their magazine as towman and woman of the year.  Working with American Towman and Tow Times I met thousands of tow companies. I did seminars and I was able to help a lot of people.  I was doing a seminar and after it was over two young brothers approached me and started to give me shit about the class. We became good friends and 15 years later I refer to one of them as my son.  Over the years I learned the people in this industry would do anything for me.

Shortly after that I remember walking through a parking lot in Ohio.  The show was over for the day and I wanted to look at trucks.  When I was not expecting it a huge hand reached out and grabbed me.  This person told me he was starting a tow magazine and needed my help.  I felt this was an opportunity to give back to the industry, so I started to work with Tow Professional Magazine, and ten years later I am still writing articles for them.  Darian and I are best of friends.  Again, it is all about the people. 

After over 25 years in the business, I was fortunate enough to sell my company and retire.  It did not take long for me to realize I was not the retiring type.  I decided to start another company that would help the industry and solve some major problems.  I developed TowTrax, a logistics software company that would find the closest tow truck to the stranded motorist.  I was able to help tow companies get tows they never had before.  

We brought on our first customer, and we were helping my customer service the Syracuse, New York area.  I found a young tow company that really supported my company, and I was able to help him grow his business at the same time.  Needless to say, I now have two adopted sons in the industry.

I remember when I started TowTrax I needed some investors to help me get started.  I had a few investors lined up when the virus hit, and they all went and hid under a rock.  I decided to go to the industry that has been helping me for years.  I put together a stock plan for TowTrax and I presented it to the industry.  I have nine tow companies that stepped up and became a part of TowTrax.  It amazes me that I have complete strangers investing in my business and will help me become successful. When I am done, I hope to have 25,000 tow companies that I can work with in the coming years.

From Pennsylvania to Oregon to Alabama to Florida, tow companies have taken a chance on me.  Again, what an industry!  I look back now at my twenty-five years in towing and I have met thousands of great people, successful investors that will help TowTrax be successful, and two adopted sons.    

 I want to thank all the people that have touched my life and helped me live my dreams.  As  the owner of the company I want you to walk out on the floor and hug, or thank all your employees because it’s them that separate you from the rest.