The Tru-Hitch Solution

By Jason Marineau

Survival in our changing transportation industry requires towers to work smarter and more efficiently. Today’s faster pace demands light weight equipment that can safely haul heavy loads at highway speeds while still meeting the scaling requirements of the state(s) you are operating within. A Tru-Hitch fulfills this need.

A Tru-Hitch Fifth Wheel Towing Device solves many of the traditional problems with heavy duty towing. 

  • Tows Heavy Loads and Doesn’t Overload Drive Axles- The Tru-Hitch booms are extended and then connected to the towed vehicle at a point behind the axle on the vehicle being lifted. This connection point places the axle being lifted in the middle of the effort being used to lift the truck for towing. Less effort is needed to lift heavy weight. Once lifted, the truck in tow is secured to the booms creating a rigid connection. The truck in tow simply becomes a semi-trailer. Weight transferred forward is properly imposed down onto the fifth wheel. This is how your tractor is designed to work and means no overloaded drive axles. Other fifth wheel attachments are attached in a fixed

    manner to the after frame of tractor they are mounted onto and use a traditional stinger to lift at the axle directly. The lifting effort is out at the end of the stinger. This means the rearmost drive axle sees most of the weight and in many cases becomes severely overloaded.

  • No Special Tractors or Modifications Needed – A Tru-Hitch can be connected to or disconnected from any tractor in just a few minutes. The Tru-Hitch is simply connected at the fifth wheel, and when transported uses a small set of integrated travel legs that rest on the after frame of the tractor. When disconnected, the Tru-Hitch is free standing, without the need for support arms etc., ready to back under the next time you need it. Because the Tru-Hitch properly places weight onto, and pivots at the fifth wheel when towing, there are no special mounting brackets, binders, or fixed mounting points needed. Also, because towing with a Tru-Hitch places weight properly onto the fifth wheel, there is no need to stretch the frame of the tractor in an effort to get weight forward off the rear axle. Nor does a Tru-hitch need to have additional lift axles added to safely lift tow. 

  • No Lightened or Unsafe Steering when Towing- Because the load becomes a semi-trailer when using a Tru-Hitch, the steering axle of the towing tractor actually GAINS weight! Your tractor acts normally. This leads us to another important point.

  • No Uneven Braking – Because there are no overloaded drive axles and the steering axle stays properly planted to the road this means the brakes are evenly loaded. This keeps your driver, the load, and the people traveling near you safer.

  • There are no pinch points when towing with a Tru-Hitch – Towed loads are secured to the Tru-Hitch booms and pivots at the fifth wheel. You can make turns at up to 90 degrees without worrying about pinch points. And just like a trailer, the load follows you around corners. Other under-lifts that pivot at the stinger mean maneuverability is limited. When you turn left the load wants to go right and vice versa. This is never an issue with a Tru-Hitch. 

  • Cost- Traditional tow trucks are heavy, long, and expensive to operate. Other fifth wheel attachments require modified wheelbase tractors and complicated bracketry to mount and use. A Tru-Hitch comes complete, ready to attach to a standard tractor, with no special mounting requirements or additional cost. It can run on its own self-contained hydraulics, or connect it to a PTO, it’s your choice. Radio remote control and rigging items are included. A Tru-Hitch can lift up to 32,000 lbs. and tow up to a gross combined weight rating of 140,000 lbs. Tru-Hitch is the safest heavy duty towing solution for the heavy-duty tower.

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