Your Podcast is Growing

Close-up image of microphone in podcast studio.

We are proud to announce that the Tow Professional Podcast keeps growing every week.  No doubt, the good information in each episode keeps our listeners coming back week after week for more.  If you’re one of those listeners, thank you for spending your time with us.

If you log on, you’ll hear from people like Dalan Zartman from Energy Security Agency. If you ever asked yourself where the electric vehicle is headed and what training will be needed for towers in the future, then this is the podcast that will answer those questions.   It’s one of the favorites and most listened to podcasts that we have, and it’s saved and archived in the system allowing you to review it multiple times.  Another favorite was the interview with Syre Perkins, from East Track North America.  Syre is a treasure trove in the towing industry.  If you hear that podcast, you’ll understand why.  He just came back from Italy and knows all about the electric vehicle.  Even with a law degree, Syre is a true tower who can relate what you desperately need to know about properly loading an electric vehicle.  During that podcast, he will give his personal number so any tower that needs to talk can call him directly.  Great podcast!  Another great podcast that you don’t want to miss was with Cindy Martineau, the head person at TRAA.  Having the latest information about your industry makes it worth your time to listen to hers.  

We also did a podcast with our two most-read writers of this great publication, Jim and Dan.   Jim E. Lewis, our expert witness was quite informative.  Every time I read his articles, I learn something. After hearing his podcast, you’ll understand what I mean.  Therefore, listen, learn, and save your company before it is too late.  Yes, my dear friend, Dan Messina, a past Towman of the Year was a guest too.  He offered tremendous tips for this year and how he sees it going down the road. Dan openly shares his success and some of his failures.  He makes you rethink your business.

Let’s talk about one that you don’t want to miss.  Bruce Bender and Tug Brock from TRAO and what the Midwest Regional 44th Tow Show is all about.  I believe it to be the most family friendly tow shows around.  Save the dates for this upcoming tow show, September 22nd – 25th in Mason, Ohio.  Listen to the podcast because it was the most fun podcast that we’ve done.  You’ll understand why I am saying this.  As a reminder, we are located on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeart media, Amazon or wherever you get your podcasts.

We have Brian Riker, your DOT guy on an episode.  He speaks about his tenure in towing, and we introduce his new segment, “Windshield Wisdom”, in the next episode.  My mother used to say something quite simple, “Always look for help from others who know what to do.”  An informative person, Brian is a faithful helper for us all.  Want to pick his brain, just say, “I heard you on the Tow Professional podcast”, and you’ve got his attention.

I’ve just named some of the guests on the podcast, but there are so many other people you should be listening to as well.  Please LISTEN, LIKE, REVIEW and SHARE everywhere.  We have a dedicated hotline at 706-409-5603.  If your association has some news that you want lots of listeners to hear, call and leave your message.  If there are people that you are not hearing but you would like to hear, let us know.  This is your podcast.  We want to be “The Voice of the Industry”, a podcast you and your family can listen to in the car or truck.   Every week we have a 30 second blessing on our listeners, family and loved ones.  This was built for the towing industry to learn what products and services are available to everyone within our great industry.  We continually educate ourselves because when we kiss our loved one’s goodbye in the morning, we can return safely and a little bit better off at night.

I’m proud to be the Co-Host with this podcast that will help make your bottom line better.  Soon, we will have over 5,000 listeners.  See you next time.