TOW123 Product Write-up

TOW123 is an affordable web-based tow management solution from Auto Data Direct that provides efficient, powerful business tools built for the modern tow professional. Utilizing today’s latest technology, TOW123 can equip your company to run a faster operation with features for dispatching, lot management, letter integration, reports, and mobile apps.


TOW123 can help expedite your ticket process for a more efficient operation with its dispatch support. Equipped with built-in features like Google maps, GPS device integration, and mobile app GPS tracking, you can easily monitor the status and location of each truck and driver in real-time. TOW123 also provides auto-dispatch from motor clubs, working to seamlessly connect motor club assignments directly to your

With quick ticket creation presets, dispatchers can work faster. These customizable settings auto-fill account specific ticket information, like incident contact and rates. Tools like auto-calculation enable TOW123 to add up accruing ticket rates like mileage and storage, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Mobile App for Drivers

This mobile app enables drivers to quickly update ticket information and job status in real-time, directly from their device. The app also allows drivers to upload images or videos directly to tickets while they’re at the scene. Mobile GPS works directly with the app to route drivers to their jobs, and allows the dispatchers to track the location of the each driver from their desktop view.

Lot Management

TOW123 delivers comprehensive lot management support with a real-time ticket and payment manifest that provides at-a-glance inventory management with customizable filters and the universal search bar lets users all tickets using simple terms like vehicle color or incident contact to locate a specific ticket and view the details. From the detail view, users can add additional job information, release the vehicle, make payments, and more.

ADD Integration

TOW123 comes fully integrated with all of Auto Data Direct’s trusted services like realtime vehicle inquiries, certified letters, and NMVTIS salvage reporting. Easily access these services directly from your TOW123 account and import inquiry data directly into tickets.


The TOW123 administration tools provide real-time report generation, as tickets are updated from dispatch and lot management. These reports can be easily customized by options like date range, customer account, and lot. TOW123 reports provide detailed support for accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, lot inventory, driver commissions, law enforcement, and more.

Customizable Settings

TOW123 allows you to completely customize your account to fit your business. Add detailed profiles for your customer’s, set company’s rates, set profiles for each lot, integrate external GPS devices (currently available: TomTom, Navman, and Street Eagle), and more. You can also add an unlimited number of users to a TOW123 account, and set strict user permissions for account security.

Sign-up Info

With TOW123, there’s no contracts, no setup fees, unlimited users, free access to the mobile app, and free customer service – all for one low monthly price. Call today for a free demo or visit for more information.

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