American Towing and Recovery Institute

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American Towing & Recovery Institute proudly presented a check for $7640 to International Towing & Recovery Museum to be distributed between the general operating fund along with the Survivor Fund.

The proceeds were generated from several sources:

  1. From class attendees choosing to play an estimate the force game at American Towing & Recovery Institute Training & Certification courses held in 2013 and 2014 first quarters.
  2. Auctions held during 2013. The first auction was on and the second auction held during the Tennessee Tow Show
  3. Funds were generated from the reproduction agreement of manuals-brochures-ads from Miller Industries Towing Equipment, i.e. Holmes Wrecker, Century, Challenger, etc.
  4. All items donated to the Museum that were sold at the gift shop.
  5. Monies donated from the general operating fund from the American Towing & Recovery Institute

International Towing & Recovery Museum & Hall of Fame is a nonprofit trade organization that serves the interests of the professional towing operators worldwide. Activities include education, preserving the history of the industry, the Survivor Fund, Wall of the Fallen, networking and civic volunteer projects.

AT&RI would like to thank the class attendees and the following Associations who allowed us to conduct these fund raising events during their classes:

  • Alabama Towing & Recovery Association
  • Tennessee Tow Truck Association
  • Texas Towing & Storage Association
  • Virginia Wrecker Operators Association
  • Miller Industries
  • Tennessee Tow Show
  • Along with everyone who bought a manual-brochure-ad

American Towing & Recovery Institute is a not for profit membership based organization founded in 2013 to promote safety, education, positive public relations and networking. AT&RI provides and promotes hands-on towing and recovery education seminars, Public Service Announcements promoting issues of common concerns between motoring public and the professional towing industry along with exclusive member discounts for products and services, business consulting, expert witness, recovery bill mediation or review, networking opportunities between members and outside clients and community events i.e. toys drives, etc.

For additional information on International Towing & Recovery Museum & Hall of Fame, visit their website, , or contact ITRHFM at 423-267-3132.

For additional information on American Towing & Recovery Institute, visit or contact AT&RI at 910-747-9000 or