APTO and TRAO Join Forces To Form New Joint Committee

The Board of Directors for the Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio (TRAO) and the Association of Professional Towers – Ohio (APTO) have announced the first joint effort between the two associations that will focus on the industry’s legislative and regulatory efforts.  The two associations have formed the Ohio Towing and Recovery Legislative Committee (OTRLC), a leadership committee made up of both TRAO and APTO members that will work together to manage government relations, legislative and regulatory issues, and communications on behalf of both associations.

Both groups agreed that working together is a big win for the entire Ohio towing and recovery industry. Two associations with different agendas and messages working with legislators is not productive, nor in the best interest of the industry.  To address the problem, APTO and TRAO have agreed to work together for the betterment of everyone in the industry.  Dave Clark, United Towing and APTO Board Chair stated: “Both groups understand the significance of working for the industry with one voice.  The times are changing, our businesses are changing, and it only makes sense that the towing industry is united and has a seat at the table in Columbus to better the industry in the future”.  Tug Brock, Auto Works, Inc. and President of TRAO said: “The issues we are dealing with as an industry impact everyone. The OTRLC is a strong step forward showing unity in the towing and recovery industry when it comes to protecting and defending our businesses.  The best way forward is together and to do what is best for everyone in the industry”.

The OTRLC will focus exclusively on legislative/regulatory issues and lobbying the Ohio General Assembly and Executive Branch representing a unified front for the towing and recovery industry for the first time in years.  TRAO and APTO signed a contract with Shumaker Advisors’ Joe Hollabaugh and Andy Herf to serve as the joint-effort’s lobbyists and they will represent both organizations through the Ohio Towing and Recovery Legislative Committee.  The OTRLC will begin work immediately, continuing to push for positive legislation the rest of this year and will start working on longer term goals protecting your business, and the value of your business, in the future.

We are very happy to announce that both associations will be working together to face the challenges that are unique to the towing and recovery industry.  Please stay tuned for industry updates as the OTRLC begins its work and do not hesitate to contact TRAO or APTO leadership if you would like to participate with the committee moving forward.