Benefits of Snappy Box Moving & Storage Program – Diversification & Scalability

If you are like most Tow Operators, you probably already have some level of diversification. You may use your rollback to both tow cars and transport equipment OR maybe you have both rollbacks and big wreckers so you work different types of wrecks OR maybe you have an impound yard and charge storage fees. These are all good sources of diversification.

If you are considering diversifying your business further, we suggest you continue to diversify intelligently. What (do we mean by this?) does it mean to diversify intelligently?

  • Take stock of your existing resources and start with a simple plan to expand their uses. Do you have a Rollback truck and a storage yard? How can you get more “use” out of them? Rather than starting something completely new, consider new ways to use what you already have.
  • Make sure you take measurable steps to which you and your employees can adapt. Too much change too quickly could backfire. You don’t have to do something outside of your existing skill set. Stick to what you do well-Towing!

-If done properly, diversification is SAFE and helps create more stable cash flow.

One possible option to help diversify your towing business is through the Snappy Box Moving and Storage Tow Operator Program. Snappy Box is making it easy for towing operators to use the resources they already have (such as standard rollback trucks and a storage yard) to easily add portable storage. Snappy Box uses their 11 years of industry experience to offer a turn-key management program that runs all aspects of the portable storage business and allows the operator to continue to focus on their towing business.

-The Portable Storage industry was created to provide a more convenient option for customers needing self-storage. The portable storage container is brought to the customer’s home or business where they pack it up. Once it is packed, it can be stored at the customer’s property or brought back to a portable storage company’s secure outdoor storage lot.

-With the increasing financial pressures that are facing towing operators, adding portable storage provides a way to diversify and produce consistent revenue when times are slow. On average the containers rent for about $175.00 per month and stay rented for about 6 months. When towing a portable storage unit, you get paid for the transport and collect recurring revenue from the monthly rental.

With positive growth every year for 11 straight years, Snappy Box knows how to rent containers. With your towing experience, you know how to tow containers. Working together, Snappy Box rents the containers while you focus on transporting the containers.

Snappy Box is here to help you use your existing resources to safely and slowly build on what you already do well – towing – whether it is towing a car or towing a container. -Some of the features Snappy Box provides is a sales-focused call center, online lead generation, marketing plan, billing/collections system, dispatching, social media campaign, website with quote system, landing page, and operational software.

Snappy Box sells containers uniquely designed to be moved loaded with standard rollback trucks. The containers are waterproof, stackable, collapsible, secure, quickly assembled, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. They come in two sizes, 8’ x 16’ and 8’ x 19’. These containers are extremely durable, typically have a 30-year life cycle, can carry up to 10,000 pounds and withstand winds up to 120 miles an hour. These containers are uniquely designed for the towing industry and have four wheels that allow the containers to roll on and off your truck without damaging the bed.

With Spring coming in a few months, now is a great time to consider all the benefits of diversifying your business and finding additional sources of revenue through portable self-storage. When you diversify with Snappy Box you are able to strategically scale the growth of your business with a manageable initial order quantity because Snappy Box can ship containers in groups of 12 at a time.

Now is the absolute BEST time to get into Portable Self Storage. Most families try to move when their kids are out of school. Late Spring and Summer have traditionally been considered “moving season” – the time when most folks try to schedule moves from one house to another or schedule major home renovations. It takes 3-4 months to get containers delivered, so now is the time to order to make sure that they arrive before “moving season.”

If you are looking for a way to diversify your towing business, create additional revenue for your business, utilize your trucks and drivers through slow times, and safely scale the growth of your business, then Snappy Box Moving and Storage® may be a great solution for you. Talk to a Snappy Box representative about how portable storage can be a helpful way to diversify intelligently. To find out more about their services, check them out at or call 803-553-0002.