Condor Motorcycle Loader for Flatbeds

Volume 13 Issue 4 - Industry News - Condor Motorcycle Loader for Flatbeds

Anywhere and by anyone, the CONDOR Motorcycle Loader for Flat Beds is great at quickly and easily loading a motorcycle onto the back of a carrier. This versatile loader works on pavement, concrete, dirt, sand and gravel. This makes it easy to load a motorcycle no matter where you’re at. On top of that, it can be loaded with only one person. As a result, it’s a quick and safe solution to loading motorcycles. You can pick one up at Item #: CD-MTR.

RimSling Extreme Synthetic Soft Shackle

Upgrade to RimSling’s Extreme Synthetic Soft Shackle

Soft, synthetic shackles from RimSling are easier to use than traditional metal shackles. They are lighter, cleaner and simpler to open and close.  They won’t scratch surfaces, and the best part is there are no metal parts to rust and no threads to corrode and seize. Available in two colors and 10 sizes, RimSling’s Extreme Synthetic Soft Shackle features a 3/4-length braided protective guard. This upgrade extends the life of your soft shackle by preventing cuts and abrasions. Free yourself from metal shackles at Order Item# SS-SOFT-SHACKLE.

SafeAll Driveline Pro

Take a load off with SafeAll’s Driveline Pro.

Let SafeAll’s Driveline Pro do the heavy lifting the next time you need to remove a commercial truck’s driveshaft and secure it for towing. The tool’s hanger bar and cinch straps will save your back from lifting the heavy driveline out of the way and loading it into your tow truck. Secured to the truck’s frame, this lightweight system will prevent unnecessary injury from a falling driveshaft by cradling it during removal from the yoke. It is also a great tool for truck mechanics in the shop when servicing a rear differential or driveline. No tools required for installation. Order Item # DLP100 at

ITI Heavy Duty Ramp Stand

Improve underreach clearance with ITI’s Heavy Duty Ramp Stand.

ITI’s new Heavy Duty Ramp Stand is a safer alternative to wood cribbing when setting up a front tow on commercial trucks and buses. The concave platform cradles the steer tires and raises the front axle nearly three inches to eliminate the need for a double pick. Simply winch the front tires onto the 36”L stand and then extend your underreach and forks under the front axle. Like all ITI products, this 8-lb. stand is made from lightweight plastic material and is resistant to oil, moisture and rot. Order Item# ITHDRS at