COVID Restrictions Lifted, In-Person Classes Resume

During the pandemic, towers across the country faced big hits in their bottom line as the number of people driving on the road were at an all-time low. Even for those on the road, police were not stopping for vehicle violations since the registry of motor vehicles was shut down due to COVID-19. As the country begins to open, it is imperative that you know how to bill properly for your services to recuperate the income that was lost and continue to make strides to increase your bottom line…and we can help!

At Recovery Billing Unlimited, we have helped thousands of towing and recovery companies across the country increase their bottom lines. We don’t teach you how to tow or recover vehicles, you already know how to do that. We teach you how to properly invoice and how to navigate other avenues to get paid when you hear the famous “Sorry, that’s not covered.”

How do we do it?

We provide in-person classes out of our training facility in Massachusetts and on the road at the Baltimore and Las Vegas Tow shows. You can find our most recent seminar schedule at

What do we teach?

  • Proper way of writing invoices: Are you still writing your RECOVERY invoice on a TOW slip. That’s a thing of the past.
  • Keeping the paper trail: Learning how to properly document the scene from start to finish so you will have all the info you need back at the office.
  • Communicating with insurance/private companies: We show you how to work WITH them, not against them. Obtaining payment for proper billing: There are many steps that go into collecting payment for your hard work. We teach you how to go about the process from start to finish.

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

“For anyone who is “on the fence” about going to a RBU class, let me say that it is a “Game Changer”. We have implemented the changes, mind set and procedures over the last 10 plus years and it has advanced the entire way we do business. You can’t change the circumstances that get thrown at you in this industry, but you can alter the way you deal with them…and this team gives you the knowledge & tools to deal with them in the most profitable way. Add that with the support & comradery that follows you through any difficult times and you end up with a real business plan to carry your company into the next generations. The “cost” of the class becomes irrelevant…The value is tremendous.” -Ed’s Auto Service & Towing

“I flew about 3,000 miles to go to this class. I really have to say I learned more in this 1 day than ALL of the other classes combined” -Morris & Sons Towing
“This is more than just billing info; this is a business building seminar, and I can’t believe how much I have been missing…don’t keep leaving money on the table. These guys really have an agenda, which will only strengthen the industry. My biggest mistake was not taking the course sooner.” -Roadside Rescue & Transport

“Very Informative. Definitely gives you new ways to get paid.” -Bruneau’s Garage