Dangelo’s Custom Built Mfg.

Dangelo’s Custom Built Mfg. LLC. came to be in the year 2006 after 30 years in the Towing industry and 35 in the Auto Body Industry as Dangelo’s Auto Body and Repairs, which was started in 1978.

At Dangelo’s Custom Built Mfg. LLC., it has always been about three things: 1} The Customer, 2} The Customer, 3} The Customer. And that has carried over into the Heavy Duty Towing Vehicles we manufacture now here in Kane, Pennsylvania, USA with the care and pride that only the small-town
attitude brings to the table, that being teamwork and the very BEST our trucks can be all of the time. Quality is No. 1 at Dangelo’s Custom Built Mfg. LLC., using Quality American Made Steel, Aluminum, Fasteners, Hydraulics, Cables, Winches, Lights, Rings and Pinions for our Rotators, and as many accessories whenever possible. Custom Built means just that. Hand-crafted and hand-fit for precise long-life operation. From metal forming, welding to assembly, our technicians have eyes on every step of the manufacturing process. Even owner Derek Dangelo has personal supervision at every step of the manufacturing process. Derek is a hands-on owner and takes ownership of every piece and part manufactured here at Custom Built Mfg. LLC., as we manufacture our Booms, Sub Frames, Boxes and All related parts here in Kane, PA, USA and job nothing out, including Paint to Order. The customer gets what he needs and wants every time with the long-time experience of Derek in this business from his ground-up knowledge being in the towing business and the knowledge of a Master Body Technician and Business Owner and all that it takes to manufacture most anything automotive or heavy trucking related. The customer is provided a unit based upon the customer’s needs and wants every time…period.