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With over 20 years of experience, Detroit Wrecker is the place to go for all your towing needs. Mike Ferrell, Owner & CEO, has been pulling levers since he was 3 years old in his dad’s wrecker. Detroit Wrecker was started when Mike was 13 years old, and he began working alongside his father, with meeting the towers’ needs and improving their business his top priority.

Detroit keeps a full line of parts in stock for Dynamic, Jerr-Dan, Chevron, Century, etc. Mike also works closely with the manufacturers and offers every product needed to get your job done quickly and safely. Whether you need cargo control products, lighting, Back Up camera Systems, jump start kits, clutch pump kits, DOT equipment, lubricants, etc., Detroit has the equipment to take your business to the next level.

Detroit Wrecker is 20,000-square-foot facility that includes a 6,000-square-foot show room, in-house paint shop and an all-inclusive fab shop to meet all your needs. Mike Farrell states, “We are not just a part changer; we are a full hands-on shop. Detroit Wrecker also builds their famous LowLoader & Lil Hercules models that have been sold all over the world. Detroit Wrecker CAN and WILL build anything that satisfies the needs of a tow truck driver. This place builds custom trucks, beds, cylinders, and can add nearly any option imaginable to satisfy the customer. Detroit Wrecker has years of experience and an engineering staff to accommodate any customer demands.”

Detroit Wrecker also recruited Curtis Sanchez, a champion and expert of towing equipment, to oversee daily operations. Anyone who’s in this industry knows that Curtis is one of the best! He knows how to find the hard to find parts to get the customer back to work. Curtis works hard to make sure the customer not only gets the right part, but it fits their bottom line.

Detroit Wrecker also has a website than can meet all your needs. There is an extensive list of products, videos of their equipment in action, and a new Shop by Diagram app. This allows you to see the part by part number and an image of that part when available. The site is very easy to navigate and can help the Tow Professionals get all their products needed in one place.

Mike Ferrell recently had a customer, Bill Chandler of Chandler’s Car Carriers, inquire about servicing his Vulcan 20/20. Bill Chandler had a cylinder go bad that was $6,500 to replace with a new one. Mike rebuilt the cylinder in house for $1,200 out the door, and Bill was able to get the truck back to work quickly. The Cylinder rebuilding services can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting your No. 1 money maker back on the road, and this is just one of the many services that Detroit Wrecker offers

We are just a Toll-Free phone call away, 1-877-869-0030 or 313-835-8700, or email us at
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