Dynamic announcers a new addition to their slide in family

The 701 slides in, is now available with neg and power tilt. The unit is based off Dynamics 701 wrecker. With the same Cyds, valves and steel parts as a regular wrecker. These units are made for the professional towers, not the weekend warrior. The unit has a 5000LB lifting capacity with 82 inches of reach, 8000LB towing capacity (depending on the truck it is installed on) 25 degrees of positive and neg tilt. It has built in chain boxes and there is no need to replace the rear bumper.

Unit comes standard with mounting kit, spacer blocks, safety chains, straps, and ratchets. Also is available with an optional 8000LB Ramsey winch.  Other options are welded in dolly brackets, motorcycle attachment,5th wheel /gooseneck attachment, and counterbalance weight.    

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