Dynamic Towing Equipment & Mfg. ,Inc.

Dynamic Towing Equipment & Mfg. ,Inc. is now manufacturing front push bumpers in house. Computer designed for fit & function, they are available for most applications. Heavy Duty mounting brackets, frame braces and easy tow hook access. These bumpers also have the needed air flow openings and are designed to fit the contours of your truck. The face of the bumper is lined with heavy rubber or optional Polyethylene. Dynamic will also paint to match your bumper with a provided paint code or order the optional Speedliner coating for great protection in all weather. An optional grill guard is also available for added protection. These push bumpers will aid in clearing an accident scene quickly or moving a disabled vehicle safely to a quick location that is safe for both the driver and operator. An optional Ramsey front mounted 15,000# winch is securely mounted inside the body of the bumper. This is the perfect combination for Incident Management and Emergency Response Vehicles including Tow Trucks, Ambulances, Road Service Vehicles, Police Trucks, Swat Team trucks and more.Some of the advantages of adding our push bumper to your vehicle:
I.Will Increase the stability of your truck with the added front end weight
II.Safely push vehicles without damage
III.Custom designed to fit your application
V.Made in the USA