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If you never had to worry about overheating again, even under extreme conditions, heavy loads, and high ambient temperatures – what would that mean to your bottom line? Cooling system failures account for 40% of maintenance problems, and the resulting downtime is costly. There isn’t a magic bullet to solve all problems, but how about a waterless solution?

The adoption of water as an engine coolant early in the 20th century was logical, but complicated by the fact it freezes at 32°F and boils at 212°F. Water is universally recognized as the root cause of corrosion and erosion inside engine blocks and cooling systems. Despite water’s superior heat transfer capabilities, water-based coolants remain far from the “ideal solution.”
Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant has a boiling point of 375°F, providing a separation of over 100°F between the engines’s operating temperature and the coolant’s boiling point. This means Evans has the capacity to safely operate at higher temperatures and protect the engine at temperatures well above the boiling point of water. Evans coolant will not form vapor and operates at a much lower, safer pressure, eliminating hotspots and overboil. Overheating is avoided – even with heavy loads, high temperatures and under hostile operating conditions.

Evans coolant also protects an engine from corrosion, electrolysis and cavitation erosion. Evans demonstrated superior results in the John Deere Cavitation Test with 70% fewer “pits” than the next best tested coolant. With less downtime and decreased maintenance costs, Evans is a cost-effective alternative to water-based coolants.

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