Evans Waterless Coolants

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Evans Logo

Evans Waterless Coolants are revolutionary coolants offering advantages not available with typical water-based coolants. Almost all other antifreeze formulations contain 50% water.

Evans high boiling point of 375°F is more than 100 degrees higher than the boiling point of water-based coolant. Evans will not form vapor, will not boil over, and operates at a much lower, safer pressure. There’ll be no gusher of coolant spraying out, and frequent topping off is not necessary. Evans protects against cold weather, too — from minus 40°F to 375F.

Also, with no water, Evans avoids corrosion, electrolysis and cylinder liner cavitation erosion. Evans will last the life of your engine, and never needs changing. That means less maintenance problems, less headaches, and more productivity.

Evans performs like no other engine coolant. Prolong your engine life and preserve your investment.

To learn more about Evans waterless coolant technology, visit our website at www.evanscooling.com or give us a call at 888-990-2665.