FTI Groups Releases ServiCaseTM – A Platform for Self-Service Breakdown Management

ServiCaseTM allows drivers and fleet managers to locate towing and roadside mechanical service providers quickly and to establish electronic interactions.

KELLER, Texas, February 12, 2021 — FTI Groups is pleased to announce it has released the beta version of its new transportation breakdown case management system, ServiCaseTM. 

Though the official launch will occur in early March, clients can begin using the system today. This innovative platform connects service providers to carriers, enabling them to more easily find someone to help get them back on the road. Carriers can also use ServiCase as a case management system – enabling them to better manage their equipment. There is no cost to carriers for the ServiCase tool, and service providers are receiving a free starter listing for 2021.

ServiCase allows carriers to track breakdowns, locate and dispatch service providers, and to track events through to completion including event status, photos, invoices, etc. In addition, ServiCase gives them access to over 60,000 service providers with the ability to store private notes and ratings with the providers or any others they add to the tool.

“We are proud to introduce ServiCase today,” stated Jeffrey Godwin, president of FTI Groups. “We want to provide carriers a self-serve solution while also supporting the service provider community we have partnered with for more than two decades.”

The ServiCase tool can be accessed by simply registering at servicase.com. Once setup, when a breakdown occurs, the carrier creates a new case by providing information about the vehicle, its location and the service type needed. ServiCase accesses the service provider database to identify the best matches for the job while factoring in information such as the carrier’s own ratings and/or preferred status for providers with whom they have experience.

ServiCase is different from other search services in that the provider is not charged for events or jobs they receive and there is no bidding for higher positions in the results listings. ServiCase does not charge variable fees for large markets and does not dictate rates, though many listed providers are extending their commercial account rates to carriers using ServiCase. Nothing is marked up because payment is made directly to the service provider.

ServiCase is powered by FTI’s sureEcosystem platform, which allows companies to connect directly to the service provider database and communications hub. These powerful tools can be connected to a wide variety of applications from shop maintenance systems to backend systems for third-party administrators. Leveraging the power of this proven system, FTI created ServiCase as a value-added offering to the sureEcosystem family of products. 

“FTI Groups is committed to serving the market with quality solutions, and we intend to expand the capabilities of the ServiCase tool,” Godwin said.

For more information, visit www.servicase.com/home/media.   


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