How do you tow vehicles without wheels and tires? In the world we are in today, stolen wheels and tires are a problem for tow pros everywhere. Just last year, a manager of a Louisiana car dealership started his day with 124 wheels stolen from vehicles on his lot overnight! Statistics show that the number of stolen wheels and tires is increasing in cities across the U.S. Then there are flat tire situations, blowouts, and complete tire separations. All present quite the challenge for towing professionals. Especially since 35% of all new vehicles come without spares.  As a towing professional, what is the best way to get these vehicles up on your flatbed or dolly and safely tow to the nearest shop?

We’re excited to introduce a revolutionary new tool for the towing & recovery industry. GUNIWHEEL™ is the world’s first universal-fitting vehicle mounting system in a tire a wheel design. With GUNIWHEEL™, you can safely mount and move any vehicle that has missing or damaged wheels and tires. GUNIWHEEL™ is a solid steel wheel with an airless polyurethane rubber exterior. It’s patented universal-fitting lug pattern system easily mounts on all current passenger vehicles thereby reducing the need to carry multiple spares or “donuts” to move vehicles onto tow beds and trailers.

Weighing just 34 lbs. and 22.5” D x 3” W, GUNIWHEEL™ is a compact solution to keep inside your towing compartment or neatly stacked on your tow bed. Each GUNIWHEEL™ can hold up to 2,500 lbs. – strong enough to install on all four-wheel hub locations. They can be driven at a max speed of 5mph and are primarily used to move vehicles on and off tow beds, drive on lots, and into body shops for vehicle repair.

GUNIWHEEL™ currently comes in two models: GUNIWHEEL™ 45 is for most standard size vehicles with 4 & 5 lug patterns. GUNIWHEEL™ 56 is for bigger trucks, vans, and large SUV’s with 5 & 6 lug patterns.

NEW PRODUCTS: GUNIWHEEL 80, (24” D x 3.5”) for big 8 lug trucks and vans available late 2020.  GUNISPARE, an emergency temporary wheel for standard size cars and light SUV’s that incorporates the same universal fitting technology, but in an air-filled tire. Speed rated at 50 mph – available late 2020.


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