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Volume 13 Issue 4 - Industry News - Custer Products

Job opportunities seem to be available at every turn, at least that’s what we see in Ohio.   Being able to employ the right people, who will stay with the company can be challenging.   Custer Products has been blessed to be able to accomplish both.  We have a committed crew of adults who perform manufacturing tasks that help us meet our customers’ needs.   We value all our employees and what they contribute to Custer Products.  Each one has a gift or talent that they are willing to share, and they all work together as a team.

Since the early days of the business, owner Brad Custer, has offered employment to adults with disabilities.  While working with all the state and county requirements, Custer invited several agencies to be a part of the work environment at his warehouse.  These partnerships have continued for 30 plus years.  These wonderful folks are such an important part of our “family”.

Throughout the years, the job responsibilities have varied with different products and our “Custer Crew” embraces every one of these changes and challenges.  They learn about the new part and what it takes to make that item complete and ready to ship.   They always make sure the work they produce is quality work, which is something to be proud of every day.

We have a saying at Custer Products, “If you aren’t proud of it, don’t ship it”.   There are 3 banners located throughout the warehouse that reinforce this policy.  One employee, told me, “I read that banner all the time and follow it.” 

Sometimes, the crew manufactures part of our LED tow lights, and sometimes they are packaging other lighting products. Did you know that the HF18-PHD lights have been ranked in the top 5 products sold by Custer Products for over 15 years?  https://custerproducts.com/product/led-magnetic-safety-flasher/.  These safety flashers are exclusively a “Lite It” product and are received at the warehouse with no magnets.  Our Crew attaches the strong magnets and then packages the light into a clam shell. Then, they label and box up the lights into cases which are ready for shipping.  These heavy-duty packaged lights are sold by the pallets at Custer and the Crew produces each and every one of them.  They are, by far, better than anything on the market that is similar because of the extra effort it takes to make them.

No matter what day of the week it is, or the time of year it is, you can depend on this group to be here!  They travel together every day back and forth to work.  They have a job coach, from Weaver Industries, who instructs them and helps determine their work load for the day or week.   She oversees the product packaging, manufacturing, and the assembling of kits.  She is an important part of the team.  She ultimately keeps our crew safe and working.  We wouldn’t be able to do it without her.  Thanks Jessica!  By the way, Jessica has 21 grandchildren.

The member of the Custer Crew who has worked for Custer Products the longest is Ed G.  He joined us in 2005.  We call him Eddy around here since there are 2 men named Ed.  He assembles tow lights and is a key part of that product line.  His job performance is outstanding!  We appreciate him and all he does!  One of Eddy’s favorite hobbies outside of work is fishing.  He has caught some pretty big catfish over the years, and we love to hear his fishing stories.

Another gentleman named Ed S., has been a part of our team since we moved to our location in Massillon, OH.  He does so many extra duties around the warehouse, like emptying the trash, moving heavy boxes, and he makes sure there is fresh coffee made for everyone.  He will do anything you ask and learns very quickly. He loves wearing Star Wars shirts and collecting anything Star Wars.  We are glad Ed joined our company.   Thanks for all the extra things you do!

One of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet is Robin.  She works very hard for Custer as a part of the Custer Crew.   She makes kits, packages, and also manages everyone’s birthdays.  She makes sure each employee has a hand-signed personal birthday card.  She may have been here the shortest amount of time, but she fits in as if she has been here for decades.  We appreciate all her hard work and for taking on extra duties.  Robin likes to read vampire books.  She has many nieces and nephews and enjoys spending time with the kids.

There have been dozens of “Custer Crew” members in 30 years of business.  All of them have brought something special to Custer Products.   Many have moved on to other job opportunities but leave us with great memories of their time here.

Custer Products donates to many charities and is involved in several community events like the “Massillon Fun Fest”, where we provide safety information and safety products for the community.   We also collect items for “A Community Christmas in Stark County”, which could include monetary donations, personal items and hygiene, or Toys for Tots.   Brad Custer is also a member of the Massillon Lions Club and is helping to provide eye exams for children plus many other projects that help the community.   It is this selfless attitude of giving to others that makes Custer Products a unique and great place to work.  It is the ability to reach out to others, to offer employment to adults with disabilities, and to provide a safe environment with a “part of the family” attitude that sets Brad Custer and his employees apart from others.

Maybe your company can find a group of employees, like we have, that can become an integral part of your success.  It is most rewarding to open your heart to others, and watch your company grow.

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