In the Crosshairs!

We are so extremely excited to be planning the 2022 Midwest Regional “Family Towing Affair.” in Mason, Ohio. The pandemic has affected us all and kept many confined so we are ready to get you out of the shop and give you an opportunity to mingle and do business in 2022! With forty-three annual Tow Shows under our belt, we pride ourselves in working for each person in attendance. This will be our 15th year at the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park with our focus on a professional and family trade show. This show enables us to have the finances to fight for the betterment of the Towing Industry. We use the funds to pay for lobbyists, to assist injured drivers financially while out of work, to provide AD&D policies and much, much more. Without a show of this magnitude, all these things would not be possible which brings me to the next subject….

Association shows are under attack by a well-known force in our Industry that would like to take over Tow Shows in the Ohio area and other markets for personal gain. We need support from every person, whether a vendor or attendee, to prevent this from happening. We never need to reach the day when bettering the Towing industry is less important than putting money in our pockets.

We are an Association ran Trade show and we appreciate your support and sponsorship in making Ohio one of the largest shows in the country! A special thank you for the associations that have continually supported this show: Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio (TRAO), Towing and Recovery Association of Kentucky (TRAK) and West Virginia Towing and Recovery Association (WVTRA).

In 2022, sign up Exhibit, Attend, Be Here! It is the difference between the dollars to provide Safety Training, lobbying for Legislation, and a family friendly show that will continue to invest deeply in future generations to come!  

For more information contact Bruce Bender at 513-831-7469 or email at