Isuzu N-Series Trucks

The #1 Selling LCF Truck in America Since 1986
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The challenge in any recovery & towing application is the integration of practical applications with sensible solutions. Maximum uptime, ease and cost of maintenance, driver efficiency and fuel economy are major components of the challenge to reduce costs and maximize profit; ultimately realizing the lowest cost of operation which provides the lowest cost of vehicle ownership.

Isuzu offers LCF medium duty trucks with a gasoline engine that is CNG/LPG capable, two diesel engines, wheelbases from 109 inches to 212 inches, and GVWRs from 12,000 lbs. to 19,500 lbs. Optimizing your truck requirements with the most efficient choice of engine, fuel, body and payload capacity is a distinct Isuzu advantage that provides service & support vehicle applications in addition to your wheel lift and roll back requirements.

Isuzu’s LCF cab/chassis is maneuverable with best in class turning radius, excellent visibility and provides improved repeated cab entry and egress with an 85 degree door opening and a cab interior that is designed for operational comfort and efficiency. Supporting Isuzu’s legendary dependability are customer support programs including 24,000 miles/60 months covered maintenance, comprehensive standard and extended warranty programs, and a nationwide network of dealers that provide certified service and Genuine Isuzu and FleetValue parts.

Your local authorized Isuzu truck dealer can demonstrate to you the outstanding features, efficiencies and lower cost of ownership capabilities Isuzu trucks can provide to your business. Call (866) 441-9638 or visit today.