Jerr-Dan 8.5 Ton XLP



This unit appeals to those who need a lower deck height for transporting taller loads that would otherwise be over height on a standard height deck.


In addition, the lower deck height makes tying down a load more accessible from the ground. The 8.5 Ton XLP also gives the operator additional capacity and deck length over a standard carrier for more flexibility on the job.

Also, improved load angle another benefit of the design that accommodates loading low clearance vehicles or other equipment.

This product is a medium duty cross over carrier that bridges a car carrier with a heavy industrial carrier, creating a multipurpose unit and offering more versatility. It has increased deck and wheel-lift structural capacity for heavier equipment/vehicles.


“The introduction of the Jerr-Dan 8.5 Ton XLP continues the expansion of our low profile carriers into the medium duty product line,” said Jeff Soldner, Product Director for Jerr-Dan. “This gives the customer additional options when selecting a carrier that fills the needs of their particular application. The main benefits being increased payload capacity, lower deck height, lower load angles and increased wheel lift capacity that allows the customer to maximize their productivity.”

XLP benefits:

  • Low load angle
  • Low deck height
  • Lowest maintenance and cost of ownership in the industry
  • Exclusive No-Lube ™ pads and pivot points
  • Galvanized steel cross-members
  • Galvanized wire rope standard on aluminum beds
  • Patented Steel Beam Technology™
  • Standard 3 year warranty
  • Optimized deck design for maximum payload
  • High strength materials
  • Roll formed steel/ extruded aluminum rub rails
  • Deck, subframe, tilt cylinder saddles and tow options
  • Exclusive 6 inch cross-members (steel deck)
  • 3,500 lb low profile wheel-lift
  • 5,000 lb high capacity wheel-lift
  • Designed for long life and durability
  • Advance hose/ wire cable-tracking
  • All standard LED lighting
  • Both supply & return hydraulic filtration
  • Automotive grade electrical system
  • 12 standard key-slots for maximum flexibility
  • Dual lighted, corrosion resistance control stations with hydraulic pressure gauge