Jerr-Dan Financial Solutions—Towers Helping Towers

Exterior of the Oshkosh Global Headquarters on October 25, 2019 in Oshkosh, WI.

JDFS, Jerr-Dan Financial Solutions, takes a unique approach to finance. Its identity goes beyond generic capital equipment finance. In fact, JDFS is made up of tow truck operators as well as sales and finance professionals who know the towing and recovery industry inside out. Todd Chase, of JDFS, often tells new clients, “We speak your language and understand the challenges tow truck drivers face every day. That’s why you can count on our flexible and fast process to help you identify and finance the tow trucks you need.”

Of course, as is true when using any financial services for leasing or purchasing equipment, using Jerr-Dan Financial Solutions to finance towing and recovery equipment offers the standard advantages versus cash. The buyer improves cash flow, may protect their creditworthiness, and saves on “soft costs” like tax, shipping, and installation when financing 100% of the purchase.

However, Chase points out that the power of the JDFS program results in wider credit availability, diverse and creative options to help customers that would be turned away from other entities, and an application process that is described by the company as “hassle-free.”

JDFS has found that their clients appreciate the sense of partnership that is part of all stages of their financing program. The focus is on a simple, quick process. In fact, customers can apply online and receive a credit decision within 24 hours– guaranteed. Once approved, the team will work with the customer directly to customize a financing solution that meets the specific needs of their business.

Chase said, “We make it easy to grow our customers’ businesses with competitive interest rates and no down payment for qualified buyers. We offer flexible options, with up to 100% financing, because every customer is different. We match the right lease or loan package to each unique business, with terms from 24 to 84 months.”

JDFS is a one-stop shop for leases and loans on both new and used Jerr-Dan equipment.